Asexual representation is few and far between in fiction. However, there are some well portrayed ace characters in fandom who have no sexual interests but may have romantic ones (e.g. Todd Chavez in Bojack Horseman, Lord Varys in Game of Thrones). Just because a person’s storyline lacks romantic threads doesn’t mean they’re asexual; sometimes, romance is not key to the story. But it’s fun to be able to relate to others, and aces across fandoms can appreciate these six characters that aren’t explicitly asexual but could be.

1. Mycroft Holmes

Credit: BBC

Much attention is paid to Sherlock Holmes’ orientation, though less can be said of his older brother Mycroft. Mycroft is described as cerebral and having greater powers of deduction than Sherlock, but his detached nature keeps him from bothering with cases. He is also alone for many holidays in BBC’s Sherlock, though he appears to plan them this way. And while asexuals aren’t typically anti-social, Mycroft doesn’t care about close friendships, much less physical intimacy. He has strong bonds with his brother and family, yet he lacks physical closeness with others.

2. Lucretia

Credit: Jill R.

Invested in her records, painting and world saving, Lucretia does not have time for romantic pursuits. Throughout The Adventure Zone: Balance, Lucretia works hard to make the world a better place. She satisfies her need for deep connections in her actions and decisions in protecting her friends. But she quickly stops any sexual advances in their tracks. Lucretia’s love for Faerun and heading up bureaus for its improvement fills her life.

3. Katniss Everdeen

The Hunger Games films emphasize the love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. However, in more private moments, Katniss doesn’t seem romantically inclined toward either suitor. She relates to Peeta as a fellow revolutionary, close friend, and peer with whom she went through her first hunger games. Gale, on the other hand, she’s known her whole life and regards as a brother and protector of her family. If you view the films from the perspective of “capital style entertainment,” the romance manufactures views and drama.

Credit: Lionsgate 2014

Moreover, Katniss marrying Peeta and having kids does not exclude her from the ace spectrum. Some asexuals are not sex-repulsed but simply find no interest in it. Katniss is a great representation of how ace people are not cold-hearted and isolated, but merely sexually disinterested.

4. Legolas

Throughout the Lord Of The Rings, Legolas seems more focused on battles and bow and arrow tricks than romantic pursuits. Though The Hobbit films portray Tauriel as sort of a romantic partner, he enjoys her friendship more than anything else. Even his relationship with Gimli strikes a platonic bond akin to those he has with Aragorn or Frodo. Sexual tension would only hinder Legolas’ adventures in battle, in the high seas or the forest. This elf would rather “stay single and let his hair flow in the wind as he rides through the glen, firing arrows into the sunset.”

Credit: New Line Cinema 2001

5. Natasha Romanoff

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Natasha uses her sexuality to manipulate enemies. However, she does crave close friends that she can trust. Her backstory as a Russian spy recruited out of ballet school offers some explanation for her wary approach to relationships. Her bonds with Clint Barton and Bruce Banner, though sometimes interpreted as romantic, are as family and confidantes. Natasha is vulnerable to those she connects with but spends her time improving her fighting skills and aiding the Avengers. She is comfortable in her sexuality yet does not need it to fulfill her life.

Credit: Marvel Studios 2019

6. Charlie Weasley

Credit: JKR/Pottermore Ltd. Warner Bros

Choosing to work with dragons, Charlie Weasley devotes his time to the creatures of the Harry Potter world. Fans have speculated about Charlie’s sexuality, as dragons are somewhat of a symbol in the ace community. Without sexual desires, Charlie has time to work on his dragon care. And while he isn’t a central character in books or films, his contributions to the magic world are clear. Finding purpose and fulfillment is something we all desire, and Charlie’s love of dragons is a fine outlet.

Asexual Representation

Finding relatable characters is the hallmark of any fandom. Queer characters are becoming more commonplace, but the head canon queerness stretches back ages. The universe is full of diverse and interesting people; fandoms and fictional worlds should celebrate this as well.