Ace and Anxious is an award-winning US short film produced by Undead Burrito Productions. The film is written and directed by Bri Castellini, creator of the award-winning web series Brains. Ace and Anxious also marks Castellini’s directorial debut.
What is Ace and Anxious about?

“Emma is an asexual graphic designer with generalized anxiety disorder who learns that one of the benefits of sex is lower stress levels. She decides to test this by placing an ad on Craigslist, to see if the one thing she’s never tried due to her sexuality might finally “cure” her of her anxiety”

It’s no wonder Ace, and Anxious won an award for Best Short Screenplay: the film is entertaining all throughout its 13 minutes of runtime. That’s because the story mixes two underrepresented groups in one character, and explores issues that other people might not have. In Emma’s case, she tries to have a one night stand after learning that sex could help with her worsening anxiety.

Ace and Anxious also has some great comedic line (most of them coming from Emma’s notes). In fact, the most enjoyable aspect of the story is its three main characters: Emma (Dana Shiree), her roommate Kevin (Colin Hinckley), and her therapist, Jenny (Rachel Casparian). The three of them are likable and well-acted.

All things considered, the film can also get pretty distressing. After all, it’s the story of an anxious person running out of ideas for treatment. It’s also interesting that the short brings up the asexual spectrum, and how different asexuals can have different relationships with sex. Saying anything more on the matter would be spoilers!

Ace and Anxious is available to watch on the St. Lawrence International Film Festival website, and it will be all throughout June.