The Harry Potter Alliance is hosting once again its annual Accio Books charity campaign to support literacy.

One more year, The HP Alliance is organizing its charity cause Accio Books. The initiative started back in 2009 born from a desire to promote literacy, offer basic access to books to all children everywhere, and make the world a better place through the power of reading. Ever since then, Accio Books has only grown in popularity and support. Participants have successfully donated over 250,000 books and helped build several libraries around the world, including one for an elementary school in Masaka, Uganda.

Donate to the Friends of the Apparating Library 2017

For every dollar you contribute, members and chapters of The HP Alliance will donate one book to a school or community in need. Furthermore, every donation of $35 or more will receive a lifetime membership to the Apparating Library Book Club. The book club is an exclusive community of HPA donors and led by HPA volunteers.

Accio House 2017 - House Cup competitionYou can also support your Hogwarts House! Because what’s a Harry Potter event without a House Cup competition? You can make your donation through one of the four official Hogwarts House fundraiser pages: Team Griffyndor, Team Hufflepuff, Team Ravenclaw, and Team Slytherin. All those who donated through the winning Hogwarts House will receive an invite to an exclusive live stream show featuring Lauren Fairweather and The Whomping Willows.

Apart from making the (muggle) world a better place, donators to this fundraiser will also be able to win fantastic rewards and prices. This includes a copy of Harry Potter and the Death Hallows signed by JK Rowling, and an exclusive song by Draco and the Malfoys, among other things.

This year, The HP Alliance’s official partner is Words Alive, an organization of advocates for reading in San Diego, CA. This nonprofit serves over 5,000 children, teens, and family monthly through their three programs: Read Aloud Program, The Adolescent Book Group Program, and the Family Literacy Program.

Do you want to host your own book drive?

Is there a particular library in your hometown that you love? Or perhaps you know of a library owner who has commented on needing more books on a particular subject? Then holding your book drive would be an excellent idea! The HP Alliance has prepared this complete toolkit to help you host your book drive, including all the details, and requirements you need to know.

You can follow The HP Alliance’s Twitter account, as well as the official #AccioBooks hashtag to stay updated on Accio Books 2017.