DC continues their Earth One series with Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2. The point of the Earth One stories has been to give a more modernized take on the characters and their origins. They’re also meant to help new readers get a better understanding of these marvelous characters.

Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette pair up to bring us the second edition of Wonder Woman’s story. In the first volume of the series, we saw Wonder Woman introduced to the world of man. Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2 sees Diana face off against pushback and rejection to her call for submission and love.

Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2
Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2 (DC Entertainment)

Diana’s Message To Man

Morrison gives us an interesting story about Wonder Woman that feels fitting for how the world is in 2018. Diana has arrived and is preaching submission and love. She also has the mission of inspiring women to stand up for their rights and help teach them never to submit to men. Paquette gives us multiple shots of Diana spreading her message through lectures and by saving girls who are being trafficked.

Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2 (DC Entertainment)

Predictably this message from Diana is met with backlash from the government, alongside the world questioning whether immortal Amazons have a right to tell us how to live — or even if they can understand us.

Reinvented Villains

Morrison and Paquette recreate a classic Wonder Woman villain Doctor Psycho, a telepath, and create Dr. Leon Zeiko. Zeiko is portrayed as a government agent with the ability to manipulate and seduce. A fascinating scene in the issue happens when Zeiko and Diana discuss her plan. Morrison gives strong arguments on both sides of the table by asking how an immortal Amazon with a perfect life can come to our world and act as though she understands any of it. 

Another villain the team brings into the story is the Nazi spy, Paula Von Gunther. Leading an invasion of Nazi soldiers into Themyscira at the start of the story, she has a belt called the Venus Girdle placed around her, harmonizing her brain and pushing her into obedience.

Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2
Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2 (DC Entertainment)

Matriarchy Or Peace?

During Zeiko’s and Diana’a conversation, Zeiko pelts her with counters to every statement she makes. He questions if her message that war will end if men should submit to women will actually work. He also says at one point that Diana promotes an “unrealistic body type” to which Diana has a very poor response, basically stating that her body is the result of her special genes.

Dr. Leon Zeiko’s plan is not only to get close to Diana and win her trust, it is also to push her away from her friends such as Steve Trevor.  Between the villains, Diana spreading her message, and the events taking place back in Themyscira, it felt at times as though this book had a lot of storylines but not enough time to tell them.

Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2 (DC Entertainment)

Lack Of Action

With all the different storylines happening in this book, the action takes a back seat. This issue is definitely a setup for the third volume in this series. Other than Wonder Woman taking out a few terrorists and a brief battle on Themyscira at the beginning of the issue, there is relatively little to no action. Now, don’t get me wrong, the story is intriguing.

However, it would have been nice to see a little action to mix things up. The many storylines taking place raised a multitude of questions. Though, Morrison struggles to keep focused on a particular storyline long enough for us to receive any answers. Other supporting characters such as Steve Trevor also take a back seat this issue, giving them basically no character development.

Declaration Of War

Dr. Zeiko ends up earning the trust of Diana and tricks her into placing the lasso of truth upon herself. Zeiko manipulates Diana to essentially declare war on the world of Man in a rally.

Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2 (DC Entertainment)

Though this issue lacks in action, it certainly sets up what should be an epic third volume. With the government already questioning Diana, and others wanting to take advantage of her and the Amazons’ technology, Diana’s statements only add fuel to the fire.

The Art

Yanick Paquette brings a great touch to Wonder Woman. Giving her a strong, confident, and sexy feel brings back memories of the old comics when Diana first made her appearance. Also, Paquette gives us a few different costumes for Wonder Woman. Each one more stunning than the last. Her outfits range from her classic suit to a middle eastern inspired outfit.

Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2 (DC Entertainment)

With Nathan Fairbairn doing the colors, he and Paquette do wonders to make for a bright, inspiring story. It’s fun to see Diana not only in action but also when she is just being a loving woman trying to help the world.

Final Thoughts On Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2

Although Wonder Woman: Earth One Vol. 2 presents interesting questions along with an intriguing story, it fails to match the success of its previous issue. It just felt as though Morrison did not have enough space to fit in everything he wanted to. Paquette does provide quite a spark in the issue with his magnificent art, creating a Wonder Woman that is hard not to love.

Despite this issue having its share of struggles, it sets up a third sequel that looks to be as epic a Wonder Woman story as we’ve seen. Grant Morrison’s modernized take on the classic DC Comic’s hero is a unique, yet smart way to introduce her to new readers. With a battle between the Amazons, and the world of man looming, Volume 3 is sure to have readers on the edge of their seats.

Wonder Woman Earth One Vol. 2 by Grant Morrison, Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn, and Todd Klein
Diana is calling for the people of Earth to embrace love and compassion. Some question if her opinion should be followed in Wonder Woman Earth One Vol. 2.
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