A Vamp-War Ends In VAMPIRONICA #5?


All photos are from Archie Comics’ VAMPIRONICA #5.

We have reviewed this entire series up until VAMPIRONICA #5, and here we are at the climax. A few things from the last few issues – the Archie Horror series VAMPIRONICA changed artists. Greg Smallwood is no longer on the art side of things, but we now have Greg Scott.

This is a difference in art style, while Scott does try and mimic the style of Smallwood, you can notice subtle differences. Nonetheless, the series is by the same excellent team that has been on-board since the first issue; Greg & Meg Smallwood, Jack Morelli, Greg Scott, and Matt Herms. Now let’s end the pinnacle of the series with a bang!

What You’ve Missed Thus Far…

So, VAMPIRONICA has been quite a ride for the first five issues, right? We got vampire action, more vampire action, and Dilton who saved the day; who would have thought? Throughout this wonderful ARCHIE HORROR series, we have gotten some spooky vibes from the writing to the art.

What you missed was a continuous story arc about how Veronica Lodge became a vampire. Not just her, however, but her family too; mom and pops? They were vampire-ridden as well. No one knew, or she tried not to tell anyone and thus resulted in Dilton finding out about it.

Along the way, Veronica had to find the source of who turned them a vampire to undo it. After a while, five issues, and a ton of great art – we get the end to the vampire war. Or, at least we think… 

Consistency Is Key In VAMPIRONICA #5

What VAMPIRONICA does extremely well is consistency. This arc, from the beginning, has been consistent to a T. Aside from the art, which didn’t change that much, the writing and the story has stayed with the plot. Since this series was a bit sporadic at the beginning of its release, the plot made up for that. It stayed true to what it began with and I could not have been happier with the outcome of the five series arc thus far. 

The beginning of this issue was fantastically written. At the beginning of issue five, we get a glimpse into Veronica’s worst fears. One being that Archie would all of a sudden tell her she’s a stuck-up princess who has no friends, another would be that Betty is getting married to Archie, and another would be spiders. Throughout these first pages, Veronica has to deal with what it means to face those demons she has. 

And, like any Lodge, of course, she does it. But, a few times, she was almost tricked otherwise. The writing — hands down — is something that has always been of substance throughout this arc. Greg and Meg Smallwood truly know how to create an Archie Horror story to spook you just the right amount.

 When In Doubt, Channel Your Inner Lodge

If you haven’t read our; #1, #2, #3, #4 reviews, please do. They will give you a general basis of the plot and the events leading up to this final installment of VAMPIRONICA #5. We won’t go into depth much about the plot, but the art (as stated in the previous issue) was changed. At times, I love the way Greg Scott draws Veronica’s face and facial expressions. Yet, at other times, like side-views — it can be a bit wonky.

Wonky in a way that it doesn’t look like the original face feature we saw about two panels ago. This can be seen on the last panel on the seventh page of the issue. Her side facial view doesn’t look like her full-frontal one, and it can be a bit jarring. However, her facial features are defined and open, which we do like. The grit and grain is still there from the previous issues, you still get that horror vibe of it all. Again, with Betty on about page twelve of the issue, we get a different style of face here.

It doesn’t look like her regular face, as in the previous issues. That could also be because this is a hallucination, so it’s meant to be that way. We didn’t have a huge issue with Betty as we did with Veronica at times. Aside from the nit-pics, the art was grabbing and gorgeous. We can say that Greg Scott can truly make a wonderful masterpiece of art with no problem at all.


Well, of course. The entire series is! From where the story stands and where the arc has ended, there’s room for more of this story. This arc is quick and fun to read, not in a bad way either. It has been a blast covering this series and seeing Veronica Lodge in an Archie Horror light. If you enjoyed the previous Archie Horror installments, this one is similar with different art. The art style may not be for everyone, but I loved it. Honestly, one of the best things about it was the art. It was unique and beautifully crafted.

In light of the winter, fall, holiday season – check out VAMPIRONICA. You won’t be disappointed in the fiv-issue arc (so far) series. It was such a fun ride.

If you like dark and spooky comics such as Afterlife With Archie and CHILLING - then you will love VAMPIRONICA #5. It has it all. The art style is different, but in the best way. It's unique and fresh. Check out all five issues of the VAMPIRONICA series, you won't be disappointed in doing so.

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