Kamala's new suit of the cover of The Magnificent Ms. Marvel #5.

A New Suit In The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5

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As the arc comes to a close, Ms Marvel must defeat the returning Beast Legions. Will she fulfill her role as the Destined One? From Saladin Ahmed, Minkyu Jung, Juan Vlasco, Ian Herring, and Joe Caramagna come to the exciting conclusion, The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5!

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5: The Destined One Revealed

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5 picks up right in the middle of the battle. Maliq Zeer and Cheb Hura come together to fight alongside Ms Marvel and they take Kamala to the Great Machine. Unfortunately, the Beasts attack and Maliq Zeer sacrifices himself so Kamala can keep going. With her parents’ blessing, Kamala enters the machine alone. Inside, she finds a message from the original Destined One, a Kree Stormranger. She explains that the Great Machine is a battle station and that the Beasts are controlled by a nearby ship. With her new-found knowledge, Kamala uses the Great Machine to blow up the space ship and the Beast Legions flee. The Saffans rejoice and send Kamala home, but not before wiping out her parents’ memories. Back on earth, Kamala’s father reveals that he is sick and there’s no cure for his illness.

Ms Marvel fights off the Beast Legions on page 4 of The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5.
The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5 | © Marvel Comics (2019)

Loose Ends

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5 brings Kamala’s journey as the Destined One to a close. While I enjoyed learning about Saffa and getting to see Kamala from other perspectives, I still have several questions. We still don’t know who made the Beast Legions or why they wanted to make a battle station. Moreover, it seems likely that the Beasts could return and another Destined One will have to come to defeat them again.

Even though Cheb Hura and Maliq Zeer came together to fight, the conflict between them remains unresolved. Kamala saved their planet from the Beast Legions, but their political struggles remain. As it turns out, Cheb Hura also has healing powers and the elder Saffan can erase memories. Do all Saffans have powers or just a select few? Whatever the answer, it doesn’t look like we’ll be finding out any time soon.

Mind-Wipe Troubles In The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5

Over these past five issues, Kamala’s parents have come to understand and support her life as Ms Marvel. As evidenced by her narration, Kamala feels relieved by this. Because of how much I liked this evolution, it is incredibly frustrating to have it all erased. Not only do they not remember Saffa, they no longer remember that Kamala was Ms Marvel.

Kamala is shocked to discover that her parents' memories have been erased and her father is sick.
The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5 | © Marvel Comics (2019)

On top of that, Kamala still hasn’t confronted her father about his potential affair. With him being sick, she probably won’t want to bring it up now. Nevertheless, I look forward to seeing what her relationship with her parents will be like going forward.

Kamala Gets An Upgrade

As always, The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5 features some great battle scenes and Saffan power sequences. Cheb Hura’s healing powers look stunning with their glowing hands and the flowers floating around them. However, the highlight of this issue is definitely Ms Marvel’s new costume.

Kamala tries on the Destined One's nanosuit on page 14 of The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5.
The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5 | © Marvel Comics (2019)

The colors may not have changed, but the new armor looks quite sleek and a little more mature. I especially like the asymmetrical skirt and the sun design on the knees and the elbows. Also, I love how it allows her to disguise the armor as a cute bag. I can’t wait to see what everyone back on Earth thinks of her new look!

So Long Saffa!

Finally, Kamala vanquishes the Beast Legions, saves Saffa, and gets a new suit! The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5 goes out with a bang, but Kamala’s adventures will continue. What new foes will Kamala face next? Is Kamala’s father really having an affair or is it all just a misunderstanding?

What incurable illness does he have? Although I don’t like the mind-wiping, I’m definitely interested in where that story will go. Overall, I enjoyed the legend of the Destined One and I’m excited to see what happens next!

The Magnificent Ms Marvel #5 by Saladin Ahmed, Minkyu Jung, Juan Vlasco, Ian Herring, and Joe Caramagna
A Valiant Effort
I've enjoyed watching this story unfold and I really liked having different narrators describe how they see Kamala. I also liked seeing her in such a different environment and in a new costume. That being said, the end of this arc felt a little rushed and left us with so many unanswered questions. I could have used another issue to really flesh out and complete the arc. Still, it was definitely a fun ride and I think Kamala's ready to be home, too.