If you’ve been waiting patiently for more Soldier Supreme, the wait is over! From Gerry Duggan, Adam Kubert, and Matthew Wilson comes another fantastic issue, Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #2!

The Return of Stephen Rogers

Previously on Soldier Supreme, Stephen Rogers was cast into the Dark Dimension by his arch-nemesis, Dormammu Red. Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #2 picks up right where we left off, in the Dark Dimension. The Soldier Supreme fights off monsters, doing all he can just to survive as time slips by. Eventually, he escapes through a portal opened up by M.O.R.D.O.C. and his followers who were trying to summon Satan.

Infinity War: Soldier Supreme #2
Infinity War: Soldier Supreme #2 (Marvel Comics)

Realizing that the Soldier Supreme is not Satan, they attack him. During the fight, the Soldier Supreme enters the astral plane and discovers that M.O.R.D.O.C. has two souls. Those souls belong to M.O.D.O.K. and Baron Mordo. After defeating M.O.R.D.O.C.’s followers, Rogers learns that he is also comprised of two separate entities. Immediately after, he hears Emma Frost’s call for heroes and decides to answer.

This leads the story back to the main Infinity Wars arc.

Dark VS. Light

Like the first issue, I found Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #2 very entertaining. The story felt pretty short and fast-paced, but it is full of fun moments. This time around, I even caught a few glimpses of Doctor Strange’s personality. For instance, he brags when he when takes down one of M.O.R.D.O.C.’s followers with a punch instead of a spell.

This moment feels much more characteristic of Strange than Cap. While Captain America’s personality still dominates the character, I liked seeing little flashes of Strange. Additionally, I must admit that I’ve never been more amused by the outcome of a Satanic ritual.

Infinity War: Soldier Supreme #2
Infinity War: Soldier Supreme #2 (Marvel Comics)

As for story overall, it surprised me when the Soldier Supreme found out the truth about his origins. Sadly, two issues isn’t enough time to delve into the impact this information would normally have on a character. Nevertheless, this event perfectly transitions the story back into the main arc. It makes me wonder whether or not the other Infinity Warps will also figure out the truth. While I would have liked to see more emotional complexity, I still thoroughly enjoyed this spin-off.

Shields & Spells

Of the Infinity Warps characters, the Soldier Supreme is definitely my favorite so far.  Rogers’ heartfelt backstory really drives the character’s arc, especially in the first issue. In contrast, Strange’s magic brings a lot to the artistic style which is so prominent in both issues. I find it interesting that more of Strange’s personality comes out after he’s spent some time in the Dark Dimension. At the same time, he perfects the ability to throw his magical shield and works on his punches.

In other words, his fighting style starts to lean towards Cap just as his personality leans towards Strange. Unlike some of the other warped characters, Cap and Strange’s personalities and powers seem to complement each other. There’s a gentle push a pull between the two. Perhaps when their souls eventually separate, they’ll have a new kind of appreciation for each other.

Mystical Murals

Once again, the art of Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #2 is excellent. I especially liked the Dark Dimension with its variety of creatures. I also appreciated the use of different panel sizes in the beginning. The longer the Soldier Supreme is in the Dark Dimension, the smaller the panels get. It feels like he’s being swallowed up by the dimension, making his escape even more urgent.

Infinity War: Soldier Supreme #2
Infinity War: Soldier Supreme #2 (Marvel Comics)

I couldn’t help but laugh at M.O.R.D.O.C.’s appearance, which combines Baron Mordo’s facial features with M.O.D.O.K.’S ridiculous body proportions. Conversely, his magic impressed me with its more chaotic and menacing nature compared to the Soldier Supreme’s spells. The Soldier Supreme’s brief venture onto the astral plane was beautifully illustrated, along with the rest of the magic battles.

Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #2: Short and Sweet

While the Soldier Supreme will return in Infinity Wars #5, I already miss his solo issues. We only got to spend two issues getting to know Stephen Rogers, but he made quite the impression. Both of these issues were so much fun to read, particularly if you’re a fan of Cap.

Despite the story’s brevity, I still got emotionally invested in this character. I’m so glad I’ll get to see more of him in Infinity Wars!

Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #2 by Gerry Duggan, Adam Kubert, and Matthew Wilson
Action-Packed and Full of Laughs
Of all of the warped characters, Soldier Supreme works the best so far. While this story may not be completely new, it was was so much fun to read. I look forward to seeing Stephen Rogers again!