What do you think will happen now that the members of the supernatural world in Legacies have lost Hope? Following the events of the season finale in Legacies, viewers continued to wonder what comes next. Many were left reeling over the first season’s abrupt cliff-hanger. Since various theories have emerged in the Legacies fandom, all attempting to answer:

What will happen to Mystic Falls now that Hope Mikaelson is gone?

Legacies poster for Season 1 of the CW series.
Credit: Legacies, CW (2019)

Legacies follow the stories of various characters attending the Salvatore school for supernatural creatures. Throughout the first season, we mostly follow the story of Landon Kirby. Landon is a seemingly non-supernatural individual who cannot be compelled to forget his new-found discovery of the supernatural world. However, Landon must come to grips with the fact that his best friend is a werewolf. Added onto that, the girl he likes is a part werewolf: vampire and witch.

Unfortunately, Landon causes a chain of events that lead to the discovery of Malivore, an endless void out of which very few have escaped from. Paired with slow-burning romance, family secrets, and an evil monster out to destroy all supernatural beings, Legacies is the CW’s must-watch.

A Bit About Legacies Finale…

The CW has continuously given us a long repertoire of great shows. Most of them with angst-filled season finales that keep spectators on the edge of their seats longing for more. CW’s latest addition to great television is Legacies. Legacies follow the story of the members of a supernatural school in Mystic Falls as they battle against the evil attempting to cleanse the world of supernatural beings.

The Malivore pit and face of the Malivore creature.
Credit: Legacies, CW (2019)

As we learned in the first season, Hope Mikaelson is the only member of the Salvatore school that lives simultaneously as a witch, a werewolf, and a vampire. So what else do we know? In the first season of Legacies, we discover a place called Malivore that keeps creatures of the supernatural realm captive. This place was once a creature created by three members of the supernatural, a witch, a werewolf, and a vampire, with the purpose of keeping the greater evil creatures at bay. The creatures they created grew uncontrollably and were consequentially contained.

In the last episode of Legacies Season 1, we discover that the place known as Malivore will return as the uncontrollable supernatural hunting creature it once was if it is not stopped. The creature was created by the three supernatural beings that compose Hope Mikaelson. Still she is the only one who can stop Malivore from coming back and wreaking havoc on their world. Hope sacrificed herself in order to save those she cared about and jumped into the black pit called Malivore, seemingly destroying the creature.

Is There Hope For Hope Mikaelson?

We know for a fact that people have returned from Malivore, an example being Landon Kirby’s biological mother. But will that be the fact with Hope Mikaelson or will she remain erased from existence? Unfortunately, before sacrificing herself Hope ensured that those she cared about forgot her, meaning two things. One, the first few episodes of Legacies Season 2 will likely not revolve around saving Hope because no one remembers there is a Hope that needs saving. Two, Hope will not be around to keep those she sacrificed herself for safe.

Hope Mikaelson from The CW's Legacies.
Credit: Legacies, CW (2019)

What problems can arise from not having Hope Mikaelson around? Previous to the drastic chain of events that occurred in the season finale, we caught a glimpse of what a world without Hope would be like. In the tenth episode of the first season of Legacies, Lizzie Saltzman made three wishes to a genie. They were all revolving around not having Hope in her life. All the wishes resulted in catastrophic results varying from the death of her twin sister Josie Saltzman and the extinction of supernatural beings at the hands of humans.

What To Expect In Legacies Season 2

Seeing as though Lizzie and Josie Saltzman confronted their father about the secrets he had been hiding regarding the twins’ futures, it is safe to assume that events regarding the Gemini coven and their traditions will transpire in this new second season. Various other clues about the Gemini twins are scattered throughout the season. These include: the twin’s discovery of the Ascendant and the remnants of Lizzie’s memories that the genie erased.

The Saltzman family. Lizzie, Josie and Alaric Saltzman.
Credit: Legacies, CW (2019)

This will leave her with the lingering feeling of looming doom and the fact that twins have already used their powers against each other; this chain of events seems to provoke a foreboding feeling in regards to season two. Will the twins’ bond remain strong enough to overcome the hardships they will undoubtedly face in the upcoming season? What about Hope Mikaelson?

Without a trace of her ever existing and all trace of Malivore gone. How will the others save her, if she can remain saved, to begin with? Legacies Season 2, set to premiere on the CW this upcoming October (the 10th, to be exact). Hopefully all goes well for the members of the Salvatore school.

What are you looking forward to from Legacies Season 2? What do you think will happen to Hope?