Raw Fury, Clifftop, and Faravid Interactive PC game Whispers of a Machine is currently on Steam for $14.99. A Sci-Fi Nordic Noir that tells the story of the main character, Vera. Vera is a cybernetically augmented detective in a post-AI world. Throughout Whispers of a Machine, Vera investigates a string of murders and unravels a dark conflict over forbidden technology. The gameplay is point-and-click, alongside your reactions partaking in the actual story.

That means that the choices you make are the choices that move the game along in a special way just for you. You have the option to make Vera analytical, empathetic, or assertive by the choices you make. Would you rather cut off a man’s finger to get the fingerprint or simply just grab some mold casing to make a mold of it? These are the choices that change how Vera perceives situations. The first one could possibly be more assertive than the latter.

The point-and-click mix of the science fiction genre is what makes this game entertaining, amongst other things. You have a fantastic story, as well as fantastic characters and voiceovers being done in this game. We spent hours playing Whispers of a Machine and we are fully satisfied with the gameplay that it provided for us. Without further ado, let’s hop into the official review of Whispers of a Machine by Raw Fury.

Graphics Of Whispers of a Machine

For me, graphics are what makes a video game. If you don’t have enjoyable graphics or art, it can bog down a game while playing. In the case of Whispers of a Machine, the graphics are fantastic, the pixelated art is what brings out the nostalgia effect. While the game is point-and-click, the movements don’t seem stiff. Obviously, while going into buildings or roaming around corners, the movement won’t be as smooth since it’s a pixelated game.

That adds to the nostalgia and the experience of point-and-click. It is up to the person playing the game, however, they may not be suitable for them. Personally, I loved it.

How Long Does Whispers of a Machine Last?

We had such a fun time with the main character, Vera, and her previous significant other, Alex. They consume a majority of the game; the game is in a time-span of four days just about. The play time in-game for a gamer, however, lasted about 7 to 8 hours of actual gameplay. That was by pausing periodically (maybe to eat dinner, not sure if the time accounts for that), coming back and forth to it, etc.

Not sure if these things add time to our specific gameplay, but we wanted to mention it. It could have been much shorter if you played in a one-go but we wanted to soak in each day and each adventure before we moved on. That was just the way we played.

Writing, Story, & Enjoyability

The narrative of Whispers of a Machine is fantastically written. The concept is very science fiction, however, it slightly makes it feel a bit modern as well. It could very well be in 2019, which is — what I feel — makes it timeless. A game like this, that is between long and short form, depending on the gameplay, is so much fun when it feels old and new at the same time. You can add aspects of “cult-ism” and detective work into the narrative of sci-fi.

The Pros & Cons Of Whispers of a Machine

Whispers of a Machine was easy to get adjusted to; immediately after playing the game for about five minutes, we knew how to play it. There were some areas where we did get stuck, such as finding The Morgue, since there isn’t really a map to utilize it can be tough finding where these places are. After you play for a while, you learn what is in the North of town, what is in the entrance, etc. The beginning, however, was a bit tough to figure it all out.

I believe not knowing that The Morgue was in the clinic was what stumped us. Since it is a hospital and for some reason we didn’t connect the two. That could have been a brain-fart on our part there. There is a convenient walkthrough that Raw Fury provides if you do get stuck. In the small moments where we couldn’t leave an investigation, it helped a ton. It was more so just a missing element we forgot to look at. But instead of spending an hour looking for it, the walkthrough helped in those moments.

One aspect we loved was how you could click on random objects and Vera had something to say about them and comment on them. Not everything is important, but what made the narrative and gameplay immersive was the fact that you can click on a random banner and Vera explains it. You can also combine items that aren’t meant to be together and Vera adds a sassy reply that says,

“That doesn’t seem very productive to me.”

What Can We Make Of The Overall Gameplay?

If you love old school-pixel-sci-fi games, this is yours. This game is so enjoyable and available on Steam now. While we would have loved a map of some sort, or even a map elsewhere (such as the Raw Fury website), it would have made things much easier. We didn’t mind looking for the places they mentioned, but it did add to the gameplay experience. Whispers of a Machine is based solely on what choices you make, so make them carefully.

It also depends on what new “argumentation” you receive. Based on the walkthrough and similar Youtube videos, everyone gets a different argumentation. We assume this is based on the choices you make. Most of our choices are analytical or empathetic, we didn’t make many assertive choices unless necessary. The game, however, is a blast to play. It’s so much fun to go back to the nostalgic effect of the pixel format and have a modernized version of it. Raw Fury truly knew what they were doing when they created a game such as this.

As the game is $14.99 on Steam as of right now, we would buy it, no problem. Go and buy this game. This is a phenomenal game to buy and have and keep playing over and over again. You can basically have a handful of different gameplays based on how different you answer the choices. That means one game has about five different outcomes. That is what makes a game like Whispers of a Machine a winner in our book. You not only get to play it once and have that gameplay saved but when you go back you can play it completely differently.

Whispers of a Machine by Raw Fury, 2019