One of the most delicate books we have received is the Tokyo Pop-Up Book following Neko the Cat by Sam Ita. The book is such an enjoyable read because it is a comic adventure and a pop-up book. It is a blast to read and a treasure to have in our literature collection to talk about on The Daily Fandom. Today we will be focusing on the concept, content, and style of the book. It is ready for shipping at Tuttle Publishing, Amazon, and the like.

The Pop-Up Style Of The Tokyo Pop-Up Book

In this adventure with Neko the Cat in Tokyo Pop-Up Book, we will embark on an exciting adventure that partakes in Tokyo. We go to Tokyo’s most notable landscapes with Chico and Neko. Things — shortly after they land — go off-course. After Chico nods off, Neko becomes curious about the city — so she decides to partake it on her own. However, Chico must find and rescue Neko before she gets lost in the city.

The style of this book is quite breathtaking with the art and time it took to complete. The book itself is short, about seven pages max. However, since it intertwines comics, pop-up art, and a plot throughout, those seven pages are filled with content. The majority of the pages are edge-to-edge, filled with art, pop-ups, and Neko the Cat. It is fun to keep up with the adventure and sit here looking at the pop-ups to see what is happening in the scene taking place.

Be Delicate With Neko The Cat

One thing we did notice is that if you aren’t careful, some of the pop-up art will rip. In some cases, we would bend the book back too far or try and move certain interactive pieces and it would tear or rip. That is to be expected since this is a pop-up book and seems to be hand-crafted as much as a book could be. We didn’t realize until after the fact — which is okay with us. However, we thought we would warn anyone else who is getting this for a late Christmas gift.

Some of the pages are delicate and require very fragile hands. Otherwise, this book holds up truly well — we received it in the mail and when it opened it was in perfect condition. None of the pages or such were ripped, broken, or otherwise ruined. That is a huge plus for a book of this stature. If you get the book for a child, I would make sure they are of age to be delicate with it. That way you won’t mind so much about having to watch them read it and have them be careful with it.

An Adorable Read For All-Ages!

Tokyo Pop-Up Book is 17.99 right now on the Tuttle website and honestly, it is worth it. It’s such an enjoyable book to have in your collection. It’s not too long, it’s not too short, and it’s interactive. To have for kids, grandkids, or even yourself, is an excellent late Christmas present. If you want an adorable book to keep for yourself for ages to come and grandkids to come, purchase the interactive Tokyo Pop-Up Book. You won’t regret it!