Green Lantern #1
A Blast From The Past In Green Lantern #1
Space Cop Hal Jordan makes his triumphant return to the comic book shelves in Green Lantern #1 by Grant Morrison & LiamSharp.

It has been a few months since we have seen Hal Jordan. Ever since the end of Robert Vendetti’s run, Hal has been kept away from the DC universe. Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp team up to bring the first Green Lantern of Sector 2814 back to the pages of DC Comics in Green Lantern #1. It brings a tone and concept that resembles some of the old Green Lantern comics we saw back in the 70s and 80s. With incredibly detailed art and bright psychedelic colors — brought by Sharp — this book is beautiful to look at. 

With the goal of bringing Hal Jordan back to his roots of patrolling the universe as a space cop, it has been exciting to think about all the adventures that are ahead of our green hero. Green Lantern #1 opens the door to several storylines. Storyines that seem to be in the near future that Hal will partake in. Grant and Liam are following historic runs by Geoff Johns and Robert Vendetti. Grant Morrison has a heavy task in continuing to build a long, incredible history for Hal Jordan.

All-New Green Lanterns

Grant Morrison opened up his first issue by giving us a look at the various Green Lantern Corp members we had never met before. The Lanterns are in a battle with a mass of strange looking aliens. Morrison creates new creatures and species that are as odd as you would expect the aliens to be.

Further, it shows that the Green Lantern Corps is not all humanoid looking beings. The tone and art of this book is similar to that of Dan Slott’s Silver Surfer. Similar to Slotts’ Silver Surfer, Grant and Liam clearly possess a plan to truly dig deep and explore the cosmos of the DC universe.

What Have You Been Up To Hal?

We find our hero Hal Jordan back on Earth doing well… not much. It is clear that Hal has been struggling to keep his job. Hal has also been let go from more than one job. He is no longer leading the entire Green Lantern Corps or working with John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and the rest of the gang. Hal is seen hitchhiking and doesn’t seem to have a place he calls home. At least from what the reader can assume. Earth is Hal’s home planet, and in this issue, it feels like he is not comfortable with it. 

Soon thereafter, Hal gets into a brawl with a group of aliens that jump him. After he effortlessly defeats them without the help of his power ring, he discovers a crashed ship. While Hal explores the ship, he finds his fellow Green Lantern Chaselon aboard seemingly injured. Chaselon points Hal in the direction of the aliens responsible, and Hal as cocky and arrogant as ever takes care of the aliens with no problem.

Arrivals On New OA

Hal makes his return to New OA. As he does, Hal further discusses with the guardians of the universe what his new mission will be. Liam Sharps’s art in this particular panel shines. The astonishing detail combined with the obscuration technique works truly well. Hal speaks with the guardians and soon discovers that one of the Corp members is a traitor. Potentially looking to destroy the corps. It is not revealed, but we do know the Guardians are aware of which member it is.

Once Hal received power for his ring and returned to action, his tone shifted radically. Hal has gone from being a jaded misanthrope back on Earth, to his assured self. Clearly, Hal was missing the action and the journey’s through space. Can you really blame him? 

Art In Green Lanterns #1

Liam Sharp brings a fun, inventive tone to the new Green Lantern series. It is more than welcoming to new and older readers. Green Lantern #1 has Sharps skills on full display. With incredible detail and creativity when it comes to some of the alien creatures we get to see. Series that revolve around space characters seem to always be enjoyable for artists. It seems as though there is no limit to what they can do.

Teaming up with Steve Oliff on coloring, this book is mesmerizing to look at. The bright colors and dark shadows contrast each other flawlessly. It never gets old seeing the beautiful bright green whenever a member of the corps creates a construct. The duo of Sharp and Liam provide great hope for future issues in their run together. 

Green Lantern Is Back!

Green Lantern #1 is a welcome return for Hal Jordan. Morrison and Sharp show they are taking a more grounded approach to the character. At the same time, while still adding some unfamiliar new characters. Green Lantern #1 is definitely a great jumping-on point for anyone looking to get into the character. Though there is no clear direction of where the story is heading, this is a must-read for DC fans of Green Lantern.

Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp have built a book that shows a bright future for Hal Jordan. It is extremely refreshing for a comic book these days. Although there’s only been one issue so far, it is highly recommended.