While the ghoul boys own Goatman’s bridge, they also own a new youtube channel along with Big Apple Steve! Shane Madej, Ryan Bergara, and Steven Lim have created the most wholesome, adorable, and informational content on youtube that I have ever enjoyed with their newest production studio: Watcher. That’s right, the ghoul boys (Buzzfeed Unsolved) and Worth It’s Steven Lim have created their own youtube channel!

They have seven new series out on youtube and each of them has finally posted their first episodes. I can not rank these in order so they will be listed in order from when they were posted.  Honestly, I could not rate these as they are all my favorite for different reasons.

1. Watcher Weekly

Credit: Watcher

Every week on Wednesday, the boys get together to talk about the previous week’s episode and show a trailer for the next episode that airs the day after (Thursday). The structure appears at the bottom of the video, pointing to each moment as you watch to figure out where you are in the video; chill zone, last week, this week, Q&A, and goodbye. Ryan and Shane have their usual banter with the added bonus of Steven making the faces most of us make at home while watching.

2. Puppet History

Credit: Watcher

This was the first official series posted to the Watcher’s youtube page. Shane Madej operates as The Professor and produces a puppet show in order to educate the viewers on a topic in history that they may not have otherwise known about or not known as much about. Now, this may not sound like your thing but as someone who hated history class all throughout school, I have enjoyed and learned a lot from these videos so far. As I am writing this, two of these episodes have been posted, Life During The Black Death and Stealing The World’s Most Expensive Necklace.

3. Spooky Small Talk

Ryan Bergara is doing the opposite of what I ever expected him to do by putting himself in a haunted house attraction in order to ask celebrities questions. Using a haunted house to make the guests uncomfortable while asking them questions created an enjoyable talk show.

Credit: Watcher

The atmosphere is playful but the questions are insightful and not what you would typically find in an article. Zach Kornfeld from The Try Guys was Ryan’s first guest and it felt more like two friends speaking to each other rather than someone being interviewed like a typical talk show. It was also hysterical seeing both Ryan and Zach get scared and caught off guard.

4. Weird (And/Or) Wonderful World With Shane (And Ryan)

Credit: Watcher

Shane and Ryan have grown the same mustache to complete the look for this strange but amazing video showcasing the interesting world that is within Mystic Museum. This series seems to be where we will get to view weird and unknown attractions to visit on our own. This is the first episode where Shane and Ryan have come together to host a show and their unique humor has found a wonderful home in their weird/wonderful locations.

5. Homemade

This is Steven Lim’s first series he hosts on Watcher. He takes his guest host to a restaurant and tries the main dish the video will be focusing on. After he goes to someone’s home and to try their homemade version. I especially love that this doesn’t seem to be set up as a competition series but rather more of a series showing the process of each version of a recipe.

Credit: Watcher

Another thing I appreciated from the first episode is learning about other people’s cultures and the food surrounding it. The soft and welcoming feel to the video made my heart squeeze. Tears pricked my eyes as the people on the videos talked about how they relate to the food and how it brought up memories from their childhood.

6. Top 5 Beatdown

Credit: Watcher

Ryan and Shane are back on Watcher with an expert on whatever they are deciding to rank for the episode. This first episode was on fast food. Now, as a girl from Ohio (shout out to Steven for his number one choice being Skyline Chili) I couldn’t connect with Jon Yao and Ryan’s list, but the humor throughout the video kept me watching. Ryan and Shane’s humor was matched with Jon Yao and they continued to have fun in such a relaxed environment.

7. Grocery Run

Credit: Watcher

Steven Lim takes a celebrity grocery shopping and joins them at home in order to have them cook him a personal specialty. The casual atmosphere in this series has the conversations between Steven and his guest, Philip Wang, easy-going and the humor constantly flowing. Steven’s usual confidence around food shows through as he listens and watches Philip Wang cook his signature dish.

8. Tourist Trapped

Credit: Watcher

Ryan and Shane visit a city and go to the tourist attractions along with the lesser-known ones within the city. Their first city is Los Angeles. Unfortunately, this is the only episode of this series because of the amount of time and effort that goes into it. As someone that may never visit LA, it was cool to see two people show the city.

Bonus: Making Watcher

With this bonus episode, Ryan, Shane, and Steven made an additional series with all the other episodes of this series on their Patreon. This first episode shows the initial process of starting Watcher and the nerves they all seemed to feel with starting their own company. This also shows a few of the new employees and their thoughts on the start of Watcher. 

Credit: Watcher

These are the only series available on youtube for Watcher but there is more available on their Patreon. They have an additional question time, a new podcast coming, and much more. Personally, I think Shane, Ryan, and Steven have made such a great channel with wholesome, adorable, and informative content that I am extremely proud to say I am a fan of. I’m proud that they have branched out and had faith in themselves to go through on this journey. This is such a great channel with three awesome creators and I highly recommend you check them out. What else can I say except…

All Hail The Watcher.