Webtoons are modern comics that everyone needs in their lives. Almost every story’s made into a visual adaptation. It’s only right that webtoons should be next in line to be animated. So, here are 7 webtoons that should have the best visual versions of themselves.

1. unOrdinary By Uru-Chan

In this world of superpowered teens, their social ladder and power rank is everything. John, who is at the bottom of it all, lives through it, defending himself and others from high tiers and hierarchies. But John’s fate threatens to destroy his simple life in the rankings.

Four main characters in the unOrdinary webtoon
Credit: Chelsey Han, a.k.a Uru-chan; creator of unOrdinary

This webtoon is full of action and backstories and John is one of those mysterious characters that any person would want to learn more about. About 3.5 million people have notifications on for unOrdinary and its rating of 9.83 shows just how much people love this webtoon.

2. Sweet Home By Youngchan Hwang/Carnby Kim

After his family dies in a tragic accident, Hyun Cha is left to live by himself in a small apartment building when the world goes to shit. Monsters start appearing, depleting the human race and Hyun is stuck with some of the tenants to fight and survive.

Hyun walking through the dark hallways of his apartment building
Credit: Youngchan Hwang and Carnby Kim; Creators of Sweet Home (Webtoon)

In the fight against the monsters slowly surrounding them, Hyun continues to change and grow stronger. Even though it deals with certain topics such as self-harm and suicide, it’s best to be mindful of these while reading. With a rating of 9.84, a large amount of monster fighting and self-discovery, seeing this on-screen would be a spectacle.

3. Lore Olympus By Rachel Smythe

Taking a modern spin on the infamous kidnapping of Persephone is a true love story that will go on forever. Along with lies, parties, drinking and bad relationships, this webtoon centers around the odd dynamic between Hades and the young spring goddess.

Persephone one side and Hades on the other. Representing the Lore Olympus Webtoon
Credit: Rachel Smythe; Creator of Lore Olympus (Webtoon)

The webtoon has a rating of 9.79. It leaks drama and undercover motives that are constantly against the odds of Hades and Persephone.

4. I Love Yoo By Quimchee

Shin-Ae has lived a life of misfortune and bad luck since she was a child. Therefore, as an adult, she became completely content with being her tomboy self with no need for anyone other than her family and her friends. However, after she accidentally bumps into someone, her life takes a drastic change.

The three main characters in this webtoon standing together. Shin-Ae is  in the middle.
Credit: Quimchee; Creator of I Love Yoo (Webtoon)

Shin-Ae finds herself in the thicket of troubles, surrounded by people who live in a completely different world from hers. She continues to run into problems that stack onto other issues and then it grows until it gets out of control. There is so much that happens in this webtoon that you’ll never know what is really going to happen next.

5. True Beauty By Yaongyi

In this world, beauty means popularity. A girl named Jugyeong, labeled as one of the uglier girls in her school, gets pushed around and talked about constantly. Suddenly, she decides to make a change, literally changing overnight. She learned the techniques of makeup, hair extensions, and fake lashes to become one of the most sought after girls in her school.

Jugyeong standing in the center with one half of her without her make up and fashion clothes and the other side, having the opposite.
Credit: Yaongyi; Creator of True Beauty (Webtoon)

Catfishing is the basic topic of this webtoon. Jugyeong handles this secret through her school life, falling into a love triangle, and watching her future get bombarded with drama. This webtoon is a definite page-turner and shows that beauty isn’t everything.

6. Let’s Play By Mongie

This nerd infested webtoon is about a game developer. She creates a game that gets terrible backlash from her favorite gamer and the story moves on from there. Sam deals with the inner turmoil of her emotions and so do the side characters, who play a big part in this story. The character development is smooth and the artwork really fits the story being told.

Sam, the main character of Let's Play, surrounded by the main men of the webtoon
Credit: Mongie: The Creator of Let’s Play (Webtoon)

The best parts are the clear representations of emotions in this webtoon as if they are actual characters themselves. Everyone seems to have their own set of baggage, which in turn affects literally everyone in the story.

7. Lookism By Taejoon Park

Daniel starts out to be a little asshole. He’s rude to his mother, disrespectful, and unappreciative. During this time, his school life is terrible. He deals with aggressive bullies who call Daniel degrading names that cause him to have PTSD as he tries to move on. On top of that, it’s happening because of his weak demeanor and willingness to be a pushover. As a result, he decides to proceed on his own, moving schools and wishing to be someone completely. But then it happens, waking up in a different body.

Daniel, the one in the blue sweater, surrounded by his friends who have helped him
Credit: Tayjoon Park; Creator of Lookism (Webtoon)

Lookism has a little bit of everything. High school bullying, drama, bad relationships, runaways, gangs, and literally everything that a person can come into contact with. It also takes catfishing to a whole new level of crazy. There is also a slow change in the actual Daniel and underlying messages that can really hit home to a lot of people. This TV show reaches a lot of people who didn’t know they would need a show like this Lookism is definitely worth watching on screen.