6 Of The Best Horror Movies To Watch This Halloween

Horror Movies

With Halloween coming up in a few days we thought it would be fun to make a list of the best horror movies. The horror movies that are fun to watch on Halloween every year because they are entirely too spooky. Some movies on this list are horror but have a comedy element to them as well. We wish you a scary, fun, and comedic Halloween this year, The Daily Fandom fans.

6. The Lost Boys

When two brothers, Michael and Sam, move with their mom to a town in California they think they are just moving to a normal town with normal people. They are definitely wrong when Michael has a run in with the local vampire gang and Sam becomes friends with some local vampire hunters. The Lost Boys has a horror movie element with fun mixed in, a perfect movie if you want monsters without being too scared!

5. The Witch

The Witch is about a family in the 1630s New England. The family is thrust into frenzy and terror when their youngest son Samuel comes up missing. The family is convinced that their oldest daughter Thomasin is at fault and is a Witch.

The Witch is a compelling watch, the actors are fascinating in this movie. They even go as far as to use old English wording when they speak. This movie is a great watch and a telling film from 2016.

4. Tucker & Dale VS. Evil

Tucker & Dale VS. Evil is about two friends, Tucker and Dale, who go up to the woods to take a vacation in there newly bought cabin. At the same time, nine friends go into the same woods to go camping. The nine friends encounter Tucker and Dale on multiple occasions, but because of what Tucker and Dale look like, the kids get scared and assume they are the murderers. Tucker & Dale VS. Evil is a funny horror slasher film, that has a lot of twist and turns.

3. The Shinning 

The Shining is a classic Stephen King novel and film. The film is about Jack Torrance who takes a job in Colorado over the winter as a caretaker at the Overlook Hotel. It is known that the last caretaker got cabin fever and killed his family and himself. However, that does not stop Jack from taking the job. He takes his wife Wendy and son Danny to this isolated hotel for six months. Things start to go crazy. With both Jack and Danny seeing strange things in the hotel.

The longer they stay at this hotel, the longer Jack starts going insane, and the more Danny’s powers start to develop. He starts to attack his wife and son. Will The family make it through the winter?

2. It: Chapter I (2017)

In Derry, Maine seven kids have to stand up to their biggest fears while also fighting a terrifying demon named Pennywise the dancing clown. This clown comes every 27 years to wreak havoc on children around the neighborhood. Will these kids be able to stop Pennywise for good?

1. The Conjuring

The Conjuring is a movie that takes place in 1971, where husband and wife, Roger and Carolyn Perron, and their 5 daughters move into a home in Harrisville, Rhode Island. When they move in they start noticing weird things going on in the house. They ask demonologist Ed and Lorraine Warren to investigate their home. What comes after that is just pure horror; also, this movie is based on real events, good luck watching. It just might spook ya…

Want more horror movies? Comment below what your favorite spooky film of the season is?

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