If you ask any fan, they will probably tell you that the best place to enjoy fandom and talk about other fellow fangirls and fanboys is Tumblr. Perhaps even Twitter. There is, however, one platform that is often overlooked.

Youtube is one of the most popular websites in the whole wide web and yet, when it comes to fandom, it’s a territory that is often left to fanvidders. That’s not all there is, though! There are many bloggers who have moved to this video platform to talk about their passions and share their experiences with other members of the community. You would be surprised to know how many awesome geeky Youtubers are out there! That’s why we have gathered 6 fandom-based Youtubers for you to subscribe to:


Chances are you have probably watched at least one video from this channel. Leigh uses animation and voice-overs to create short sketches about different TV shows, movies, fandoms matters and other pop culture references. Animation is hard, so if you like her videos, consider supporting her on her Patreon!

Leo Camacho

Leo is a huge DisneyStar Wars and Doctor Who fan. His videos include a wide variety of topics and formats, so you will never get bored of it. He does everything from TOP 10s, fandom talks, vlogs and even hauls and unboxings!


Are you into watching reactions to certain shows from other people? If so, nothing better than watching reactions by other fangirls who are as passionate as you, right? FandomReactions are a group of fangirls who gather together to watch the latest episodes to air from some of the most popular TV shows.

Dem Cosplay Girls

If you are into anime and cosplay, then Dem Cosplay Girls is the channel to follow. They are two girls from Canada who love to talk about anime, cosplay, conventions, and general geeky stuff. They upload all sort of content from funny videos on otakus, to cosplay tutorials, Japan vlogs or convention advices.

Brizzy Voices

As the title of the channel suggests, Brizzy (Anna Brisbin) does voicing. Not only is she into voice acting and impersonations (which she is REALLY good at), but she also does cosplay and make up tutorials. Brizzy is really cheerful and funny and loves interacting with her audience.

Tessa Netting

Tessa is a Youtuber, actress, singer and, obviously, a geek. She’s a huge Potterhead (a Ravenclaw) and so she does a lot of videos about Harry Potter, but she also talks about general fandom topics, cosplay and convention experiences. She calls her subscribers ‘starfish’ and it’s super sweet. Check out her awesome Etsy shop too!

Do you know any other fandom-based Youtube channels? Are you a Youtuber yourself and would like other people to know about your work? Let us know in the comments below!