Friendships and romantic relationships are all too common in anime series, but it’s not that easy to find stories with siblings. It gets even harder when searching for siblings in the main cast whose relationship is somewhat relevant to the plot.
Look no further – here are 6 of our favorite anime series featuring siblings as main characters!

Edward and Alphonse from Fullmetal Alchemist

Alphonse and Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist)
Edward and Alphonse Elric are probably the two most well-known siblings in anime, period. Not only is Fullmetal Alchemist one of the most critically acclaimed shonen series of recent years, but the focus of the story is mainly about the Elric brothers themselves. Edward and Alphonse have gone through a lot together, from the tragedy of losing their mother, to having to fight through the greatest of dangers to get their bodies back. The Elric brothers are also two of the most well-developed characters in the series, and they prove time and time again that they would do anything to protect each other.

Mob and Ritsu from Mob Psycho 100

Mob and Ritsu from Mob Psycho 100
We couldn’t not include this pair of brothers from what was one of the best well-received anime series from last year: Mob Psycho 100. As it turns out, one of the arcs of the season focuses on Ritsu and his inferiority complex towards his big brother, Shigeo (Mob). The relationship between the Kageyama brothers was strained due to an accident that took place in their childhood. On top of that, Mob and Ritsu both envy and admire each other for the skills that they lack. Shigeo envies Ritsu’s brains, athleticism, and popularity with girls, while Ritsu believes his big brother’s psychic abilities are all that matters. Getting to understand each other to fix their relationship is one of the main plot lines of the series.

The Osomatsu sextuplets from Mr. Osomatsu

osomatsu-san siblings
One of the best-selling anime in recent times, and one that just got a second season announced. Mr. Osomatsu is not about two siblings, but six! Mr. Osomatsu is a comedy that focuses on the shenanigans of the Osomatsu siblings from the classic manga series. Now being NEET grown-ups, the series is mostly about their shenanigans and brotherly affection (or lack thereof). The fact that they’re all identical twins brings something different and learning to recognize each other, and their different personalities are part of what makes this series so entertaining.

Sora and Shiro from No Game, No Life

Sora and Shiro from No Game, No Life
If you have a sibling, you probably know it’s always fun to share a common hobby that you can practice together. In the case of No Game, No Life‘s Sora and Shiro, that hobby is gaming. And by hobby, we mean obsession. Sora and Shiro spend all days locked in their bedrooms gaming together non-stop. That is until they are somehow sent into a different world where things are solved by playing games. These are two brilliant siblings who will learn to play their games now under life-altering situations.

Lelouch and Nunnally from Code Geass

Lelouch and Nunnally from Code Geass
Don’t let that adorable image fool you – Code Geass is a serious story about politics, military, and all kinds of sci-fi action. And its main character, Lelouch, is a borderline psychopath. However, when it comes to Nunnally, he’s always had a soft spot. One could be said that everything Lelouch does, he does to build a better world for his little sister. As per Nunnally, who is blind and paralyzed, is portrayed as one of the most benevolent, kind, and wise characters of the story. A new season, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection, recently got announced, so now’s the right time to catch up!

Rin and Yukio from Blue Exorcist

Rin and Yukio from Blue Exorcist
Another couple of twins, even though these two are not so similar, nor physically, nor personality-wise. Rin is your average impulsive, happy-go-lucky protagonist, while Yukio is more mature, calm, and book smart. They are both exorcists, but their situation and ranks are completely different. Just like the previous case with Mob Psycho 100, Rin and Yukio start off the series with plenty of issues to figure out and resolve. The recently finished second season of the anime, Blue Exorcist: Kyoto Saga, deals with that conflict, among other things.

Do you agree with our choices? What are some of your favorite siblings in anime? Let us know in the comments below!