5 Voltron Fan Theories for Season 5

Voltron, 2018.

If your favourite part of the Voltron fandom isn’t the fan theories, you’re on the wrong part of the internet (probably the super toxic part). Season 5 is around the corner and based on the number of Voltron fan theories circulating, there is a lot to look forward to.

1. “Kuron”

The biggest theory to come out of season 3 is that when Shiro disappeared he was replaced by a clone, aka Project Kuron (see “The Journey”). The trailer for season 5 only confirmed that this season was going to deal with that theory (as well as the writers in an interview).

One of the biggest theories about how it will come out is that Lance will realize that Shiro is a clone (if it’s true). Sidenote: But whether or not Shiro is a clone if you rewatch “The Journey” it is super obvious that Shiro has a camera in his eye based on the way they drew it and the noise (8:50).

Shiro, the clone.

2. Leader Lance

Speaking of the Blue paladin, another theory going into season 5 is that Lance is finally going to have his moment to be a leader. Basically, this is really exciting for all the people that wanted Black Paladin Lance. And also because Lance deserves all the great arcs because he is more than a meme.

The leader we don’t deserve.

3. The White Lion

Speaking of the Lions. There might be another one. Now the lions and who would pilot them was a big conversation after the black lion’s paladin disappeared. Keith leaving Voltron for the Blade nullified any sort of conversation though.  But the trailer has made this conversation super relevant again because THEY SHOWED THE WHITE LION IN THE TRAILER.

Now the white lion theory came up way back in the day with this screenshot and it was a storyline in Defenders of the Universe. Originally it was thought that the white lion would mean that the original paladin roster could be restored and Allura could pilot the white lion.

However, the trailer looks like it may not be a mechanical lion like the others. The white lion for sure is connected to Allura based on the trailer but it seems that it may be more of an answer to some of the origins stories relating to Voltron that we are still missing.

White Lion. Ohhh.

4. Allura

A recent picture emerged of an archer that looks a lot like Allura. However, some people think that it may actually be Romelle, who was a character in Voltron: Defender of the Universe and Allura’s identical cousin.

The cousin idea does seem unlikely though since the whole being frozen for like a long time and anyone who was born when she was alive should be dead unless they are quintessence addicts like Haggar and Zarkon. Another theory is that it is Allura’s Mom. Most people are just hoping it is not Allura.

Look it’s an archer. But it is Allura?

5. Keith

Keith basically was non-existent in season 4 of Voltron being as he left to train with the Blade of Mamora. Given that his return was him risking his life to save the other paladins, season 5 deserves more Keith.

But seriously, it really is about time that they started to answer all the questions about Keith’s past. Like who is his mom? Also if he is Galra, why is he not purple and fluffy? Also, given that his mom is probably an alien and maybe a rebel, have we already met her? So many questions, so few answers.


Voltron Bonus: Lotor

One of the glaring holes in Voltron’s origin stories is Lotor. We saw Zarkon, King Alfor, Allura, Haggar but no Lotor. What’s up with that? No one has given any indication of this being addressed this season but this is a great theory about Lotor’s origins.

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