Every once in a while, a video game will come out and push the limits of storytelling. These games will even rival Hollywood blockbusters and redefine what it takes to succeed in a game built on story. Of course, studios will try and pick games apart for a quick buck, but very few have actually done justice to the original content. Instead, here are 5 video games that need to be made into an adaptation as soon as possible.

1. Detroit: Become Human

Set in 2030s Detroit, the plot centers around the idea of equality and racism. In this universe, humans have developed androids as servants, but the androids slowly begin to rise against their masters. The game takes similarities from the Civil Rights Movement and presents them in a new way. Players follow three characters, Kara, Conner, and Marcus.

Kara is a housekeeping android that becomes self-aware after seeing her owner abuse his daughter and put both of them in danger. Conner is an investigator android, tasked with finding and eliminating all “deviants.” Marcus acts as a sort of leader or Messiah, who can lead the deviants into either revolution or peaceful protest.

Credit: Quantic Dream

The game has around 45 different endings. This could make it difficult to satisfy all viewers, as some would prefer different endings over another. A single run of the game can take up to 10 hours, which could make it difficult to squeeze into a single two-hour film.

For this reason, a TV adaptation might be best, since it allows more time for characters to be fleshed out and the plot to thicken.

2. World of Warcraft

Although this decade-old game may already have a film, the reviews were universally subpar from both fans and critics. However, any story that’s been running so long with such legendary characters is nothing to scoff at and is definitely worth another shot at an adaptation. 

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

At six expansions, a seventh on the way, multiple previous WoW iterations, novels, and a spin-off Hearthstone universe, the World of Warcraft universe is definitely an extensive one. However, so was the Marvel universe. If the right writers were brought on, the WoW cinematic or TV universe could be the next Marvel. Similar to the game’s DLC releases, a series of films might be the best scenario.

Choosing which storyline to first adapt might be a headache, as well as the CGI required for such a project. Nevertheless, with the right circumstances, it could be very possible that another WoW film could be just over the horizon.

3. The Grand Theft Auto games

Infamous for their depiction of crime, the Grand Theft Auto series has been around since 1997. The latest game of the series, GTA V, broke multiple game records and raked in massive sales.

One of the most surprising features of GTA V was not just the game itself, but the story in the single player. The single player campaign has three main characters: Trevor, Micheal, and Franklin.

Credit: Rockstar Games

These characters represent the three most prominent social classes of Los Angeles, California. They include the wealthy elite, the poor whites, and the lower-middle class African Americans. Other GTA games, like GTA IV, also pleasantly surprised their audiences with an interesting story. With hours of story content, a single film may be too little.

However, a whole TV series would probably have the opposite, too much time on its hands. The best scenario would likely be either a longer movie, three hours or a shorter series.

4. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Superman: The Man Of Tomorrow. The hope-inspiring, all-powerful being from Krypton. We all know him; we all know his story – but what would happen if he tried to take over the world? Who would stop him? This is the world of Injustice: Gods Among Us. 

Credit: NetherRealm Studios

In an alternate timeline, Superman is corrupted by the idea that he must “save” the world by ruling it himself. The game and prequel comics follow two sides, Batman’s “Insurgency” and Superman’s “Regime.” Although there was a sequel game, Injustice 2, the focus was clearly on the game mechanics, rather than the story.

The Injustice comics go by “years.” Each volume of comics is entitled “Year 1,” “Year 2,” etc. For this case, a series of films similar to the DCEU or MCU is probably the best. With that said, audiences would not respond well to the idea of just being dropped into a whole new universe, especially when the DCEU continues to produce movies. The solution to this would be to establish a whole new alternate universe first, with solo movies.

5. Lastly, The Last of Us Adaptation

Considered to be one of the best games ever made, The Last of Us certainly has earned its place on this list. Developed by Naughty Dog, this survival action-adventure horror game is pretty much everything a gamer could ask for and more. It juggles the elements of story, game mechanics, and graphics perfectly.

The Last of Us centers around two characters, Ellie and Joel. Together, they must travel across the post-apocalyptic United States defending themselves against hostile humans and cannibalistic creatures. The Last of Us also has a comic series, a work-in-progress film, and an upcoming sequel game.

Credit: Naughty Dog

Such a well-crafted game, unfortunately, does come with a decently long playtime of about 15-20 hours. Cramming only the essential parts of the story would certainly be a nightmare for any filmmaker.

That’s why something along the lines of a TV show adaptation similar to The Walking Dead might be better suited.