5 Underrated Fanworks That Need More Love

underrated fanworks
With the current celebration of International Fanworks Day, fans are looking forward to publishing, sharing, and giving feedback to their favorite fanworks. When thinking of fanworks, one usually thinks of the big ones: fanfiction, fan art… However, there is a world out there of more obscure, underrated fanworks that don’t get all the attention and praise they deserve. What are some of those?


Fanvidding might as well be the most well-known one in this list, but it’s still an underrated practice considering the amount of effort that’s put into it. Let’s be honest – fanvidding takes a lot of time to get done. From getting the initial idea, finding the right song, getting all the raw footage, to spending hours on the project finding the right transition and render settings. On top of that, this is also a practice that requires having some basic knowledge on audio and video edition. Furthermore, the video format makes it harder to publish the results on social media like Twitter and Tumblr, as most videos are usually posted separately on Youtube. Views and likes are nice and all, but how about leaving some comments for your favorite fanvids/AMVs today? Or you can also check out our masterpost on getting started on vidding!


It seems like programmers are destined to be outcasts, even in geeky contexts. It’s ironic, really: be it web designers that code jaw-dropping fansite Tumblr themes, or programmers who develop useful scripts like AO3 Savior, we all depend on their work. Generally speaking, programming is hard to learn, but it’s still one of the most demanded and needed skills both in present time and the near future. Fandom is no exception: Here’s a list with some of the best fannish browser extensions and plug-ins!


Similarly to what happens with vidding and Youtube, podcast creators can be easily forgotten when talking about fanworks. Even though there’s no video in it, podcast creators still deserve some recognition for writing their programs/scripts and learning the basics of audio and radio. And just like not everyone’s comfortable on camera, not everyone’s good behind the mic either!

Many fandoms (especially the big ones) have at least one of the podcasts made by fans who talk about current fandom matters, from the latest news to thought-provoking meta discussions.


In a similar fashion, there’s those who bring fanfic to life in an audio format (hell, we do exactly just that in our Modern Day Storybook series!). As opposed to podcasts, podfics are fiction-based and require the work of voice actors, and sometimes even music and sound effects. Just like accompanying fan art or playlists, podfics are sometimes available in fics, especially when they’re part of big projects such as Big Bangs.


What in the 80s and 90s was known as “mixtapes” is today known as “playlists” and, in the case of fandom, “fanmixes.” Fanmixes are usually made by music lovers, and basically the type of person who makes a playlist for anything. Hitting 8tracks is not only a great way to find new songs for your OTP, but it’s also a great way to discover new bands and artists in general. Putting a bunch of songs together might seem easy from the outside, but some fanmixers actually put a lot of work into their song selection to make a cohesive playlist. And don’t forget about those amazing cover arts!

What are some fanworks that you believe are underrated, and you wish got more attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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