5 Types of Fandoms You’ve Probably Been In

5 types of fandoms

Fandoms… Impossible to stick to just one. We have all obsessed over different things and therefore, been into different fandoms. Despite what one might first expect, not all fandoms are the same. If you have been in fandom (or Tumblr) for a long time, then you have probably noticed that there are some differences too.

Today we are going to talk about the different 5 types of fandoms you’ve probably been in. And we are going to do 5 because… that’s a good number!

1. The Wanky Fandom

If you had to summarise your experience in this fandom in one word, you would say “drama“. You’re afraid of logging into Tumblr everyday because of the chances that your fandom is probably having a meltdown or in the middle of a shipping war because of what a crew member has said on Twitter.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a hell to be in this fandom or that they’re all bad people. It’s just that… it’s a big fandom and therefore, people are gonna disagree. The more ships there are, the more chances people are gonna fight over subtext and interpretations. And, the more fans there are, the more chances that some of them might be mean. .

These fans also tend to disagree with the direction the show is taking, curse Moffat for everything wrong in their life and threat TBTP that they’re gonna quit the show (but they never do).

Examples: Supernatural, Naruto, Doctor Who

2. The Hilarious Fandom


The hilarious fandom is one of the best fandoms to be in. They are incredibly funny and creative, and when they put those two qualities together, they end up creating the most hilarious parodies, crack videos, comics and ridiculously funny text posts. You love being in this fandom because you’re always going to be laughing at something and there’s generally a very light and welcoming atmosphere.

The crack factor is incremented when the fandom is living a long hiatus. That would explain why shows like Attack on Titan or Sherlock, which are supposed to be serious shows, get the most ridiculously funny fandoms just because… they’re on hiatus, they have too much free time and they just can’t wait until the next season.

Examples: Attack on Titan, One Piece, Sherlock

3. The Overemotional Fandom


Feelings are the only thing this fandom knows. Their show is full of ships, drama, death and is probably run by Steven Moffat. However, they don’t even need to have a specifically sad scene, they just get over-emotional over the littlest things. And, in case they haven’t had enough, they read angsty fanfic and use Coldplay for their vidding.

Fans are usually doing their own thing (crying) and they don’t tend to do any harm. Please, be nice to them, especially when the season finale comes.

Examples: Tokyo Ghoul, Supernatural

4. The Intellectual Fandom

There's nothing wrong with me

These fandoms are formed by older, more mature people. They usually have film/literature-related academic background and they spend all day writing meta while drinking coffee. They like analysing all the elements from the lightning to the use of decoration in every single scene. Shippers often go to them for advice or reassurance.

They’re very quiet and not the kind of people to spam your dashboard when something happens in their fandom. 

Examples: Hannibal, House of Cards

5. The Abandoned Fandom


This is probably the worst fandom to be in. Or the best, depending on how you look at it. You find a thing, you love the thing, and then you realise that there’s no one to talk to about it. With time, and thanks to Tumblr’s tagging system, you’ll end up finding other people who like the same thing and you’ll create a small family where everyone knows each other’s names and you have your inner jokes.

The are very nice and welcoming to other fans.

Examples: Unknown (that’s the point)

Which fandom type is your favourite? And do you know any types of fandoms? Let us know in the comments!

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