5 TV Shows to Check Out this Summer

May is usually a very stressful month for TV fans because it’s full of season finales which mean two things: emotional exhaustion and hiatus. However, summer is also a time to be celebrated because many summer shows are coming back with brand new seasons. Today we’ve gathered 10 TV shows that will lighten up your summer!

Orange is the New Black (Season 3)


Release Date: June 12th
Network: Netflix
Look up to: Everyone missed Alex during Season 2. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why many believed that S2 wasn’t as good as the first one. This time, Alex is back. Oh, and there’s also Daya’s baby and the new inmate, Stella!

Teen Wolf (Season 5)

Release Date: June 29th
Network: MTV
Look up to: Who’s the Desert Wolf, aka Malia’s mom? What in the world is Parrish, exactly? What happened to Kate? What happened to Derek? And what are those creepy doctors? So many questions! Also, check out our ‘Waiting for the Pack’ series

Hannibal (Season 3)

Release Date: June 4th
Network: NBC
Look up to: So… is everyone really dead? Where was Hannibal heading to at the end of the episode? And why was _ with him? Check out our Season 3 Preview and Speculation Masterpost!

True Detective (Season 2)

True Detective

Release Date: June 21st
Network: HBO
Look up to: After a great debut on its first season, there are high expectations for True Detective. With a change of landscape, there is also a change of themes. Gone is the gothic horror of Louisiana. Creator Nic Pizzolatto reveals that “there’s a disconcerting psychology to this world, and its characters have other kinds of uncanny reality with which to contend”.

Defiance (Season 3)


Release Date: June 12th
Network: SyFy
Look up to: There are going to be three new characters for this season: General Rahm Tak, T’evgin and his daughter. Screen Spy teased that “season three will open on the eve of an impending military siege upon the town, which has fallen on hard times following the collapse of its lucrative mines”.