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5 Things All TV Reviewers Can Relate To

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Today I am going to be talking about something that is pretty different from the usual content on this site: us, TV reviewers. And hey, maybe you work as a writer as well and might feel identified with what I’m saying. Despite of what many people might believe, being a TV reviewer doesn’t end with watching television and talking about it all day. There are struggles, difficulties and lots of stress. Don’t get me wrong, it is a wonderful job and I wouldn’t change it for the world, but everything has its downsides.

1. Your family/friends think you’re always procrastinating

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After all, we’re in front of a TV or on our laptop watching a TV show. That is something we used to do before during our free times or as a way of procrastinating other things we didn’t want to do. I don’t know how many times my mom has entered my room, seen me watching a show and asked me if I didn’t have any work to do. You just have to make them understand that, before writing about a show, you actually have to watch it.

2. Binge-watching the wrong show

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It’s premiere season. There are new shows and seasons coming out everyday. This is certainly NOT the time to get obsessed with an unknown show from 10 years ago and you know it but yet here you are. No one is talking about it and its fandom is almost non-existent. The best thing you can do is to try to find a way to write some relevant content about it that could have your readers interested.

3. Other side of the coin: having to watch a show that you don’t enjoy

Everybody talks about it and the show has a very big fandom. You know it’s a show that you should be watching but still, you can’t force yourself into liking it. You have tried again and again but you keep pausing the video and getting distracted by other tabs. The best thing you can do is hope that one of your co-workers will fall in love with the show and choose to review it. Or you can always write a review on why you think the show is boring.

4. Living in a different time-zone from the show’s network

There’s no way you’re staying up until 4am in the morning to watch that one episode. Or at least there’s no way you will be able to write something comprehensible afterwards. So what you choose to do is to go to bed and wait until next morning to watch the episode and write about it. The problem is that everyone has already digested the episode and everything has already been said.

5. Writer’s block

No writer can escape writer’s block. Doing a review is fairly easy: you already have a topic. But coming out with new content or getting stuck mid-article is no fun. After all, we are not writing machines, we are humans and it’s normal to get stuck and out of ideas every now and then. Just let it be.

Are you a TV reviewer? What are the biggest struggles and most difficult situations you see yourself involved in? Let us know in the comments!