5 Sites to Create the Perfect Playlist for Your OTP

sites to create a playlist for your OTP
Are you in need of some inspiration for writing that slow-burn of your OTP? Or maybe you’d like listening to some romantic music while you draw some fan art? Time to create the perfect playlist!

Creating playlists and fanmixes is one of the most ancient, yet sometimes overlooked fandom practices. For those unfamiliar with this fan work, fanmixes are playlists inspired by your fandom, be it a TV show, a villain from your favorite group, or that one crack ship we all have. Whether you’re a music lover, or you’re just looking for some love-themed songs, here are five sites to create the perfect fanmix of your OTP!


Probably the most well-known site for uploading and listening to playlists in the fandom world. 8tracks is very fandom-themed, and it has a very big archive with countless playlists for different moods, themes, and situations. Just go to the top search bar, and introduce your favorite movie/character/pairing. 8tracks playlists have a title and some cover art, so if you’re looking for a specific aesthetic, there’s that too. Unfortunately, since early 2016, visitors from outside the USA and Canada can only listen to the songs from Youtube videos.


It’s all about moods on this site! Because we all know it’s not the same to have an OTP that’s based on angst and misfortune, then a crack ship that you just ship for fun. What differentiates MoodFuse from other mood-themed streaming sites (like the late StereoMood) is that you can pair the mood with a music genre that you like, making the results more accurate. From those two variables, MoodFuse will give you a determinate mix that plays on Youtube.


Does Soundcloud need any introduction? This one is probably the most popular website for streaming music. It also allows creators to write their own songs and share them with others, so if you’re also into writing fan songs, this should be a very good choice. Registered users can also download music to listen to their favorite playlist while offline.


Spotify is not exactly a website, but a desktop application. Spotify allows users to both find and create playlists according to their mood. You can make them private, or go public and share your mixes with others. Since this is such a popular application, Spotify offers a massive variety of playlists for anything you might be into. One of the best things about the application is that you can carry it everywhere, as it allows you to synchronize all your electronic devices, from your computer desktop to your phone or TV.


Youtube is for everything and anything! As a video platform that’s often used to stream music and create video playlists, it’s no surprise you can also find many playlists on it. If your fandom/character/pairing is popular, chances are there will be a few playlists of it on Youtube. Images, comments, and the ability to like and add the video to your favorites are also extra bonuses. Of course, if you want to upload your own playlist, you will have to create a new channel that will be linked to your Google+ account.

Last, but not least, let’s not forget about soundscapes! If you’re currently drawing or writing about your OTP, and you could use some extra inspiration, sound generators are a great option. We recommend myNoise for its incredibly wide variety of natural noises, atmospheres, soundscapes, and more. It even has its own subReddit with different combinations depending on what you’re looking for, like RPG mixes or ambiance from the Gryffindor Common Room.

Do you know of any other sites to create and find fanmixes and playlists for your OTP? If so, share them with us below!

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