Essential Reading List — 5 Silver Surfer Stories For New Readers

Silver Surfer

For years the cosmos have been explored by Norrin Radd, best known as The Silver Surfer. Surfer is one of the most intriguing characters ever created by Marvel Comics. A being that gave up everything he cherished, in order for them to live in peace.

Since his creation, writers have used The Silver Surfer as a tool to share their view of life on Earth. A being that comes from a planet full of peace, love, and beauty. Now finds a planet that shares that same beauty, but is filled with hate and rage.

The nobility of Norrin Radd creates a character as inspirational as no other. Allowing the reader to look around and think to themselves: What truly matters and how can I be a better person? Here are five stories of the cosmic hero that are a must-read for anyone interested in learning about Radd’s story.

1. Fantastic Four #48 – #50

Silver Surfer has crossed paths with many characters in Marvel Comics. However, none have gotten to work with the Surfer as often as The Fantastic Four. Surfer made his first appearance in Fantastic Four #48. Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, he came to Earth as the Herald of The Mighty Galactus.

With his objective to locate planets for his master to feed on, he stumbled across Earth. Though — unlike any planet before — The Silver Surfer faced retaliation by a team called The Fantastic Four. After realizing the human race had much to offer and deserved to live, the Surfer turned against Galactus. Galactus ends up leaving Earth intact, but removes Surfer’s ability to leave, trapping him on Earth.

2. Silver Surfer #1

Stan Lee and John Buscema team up to create the origin story of how Norrin Radd became The Silver Surfer. Norrin Rad was born on the planet Zenn-la. A planet that has seemingly achieved it all, knowledge, peace, and health. Though, Norrin Radd wanted more. He desired to travel the galaxy and discover the mysteries that it held.

Eventually, Norrin Radd got his wish. When the planet eater known as Galactus came to destroy Zenn-la, all had appeared to be doomed. Until the brave Norrin Radd begged Galactus to spare his planet and its people, in exchange for him to be his herald. Galactus agreed to the plea and with the power cosmic turned Norrin Rad into The Silver Surfer.

Norrin Radd became the great explorer he dreamed of becoming tenfold. Forever to travel the universe and find planets for his master to feed on.

3. Silver Surfer Requiem

The team of J. Michael Straczynski and Esad Ribic create a beautiful story, where we find the former Herald of Galactus dying. Through the four issue series, the surfer travels to Earth and his Home planet Zenn-La for the final times. The power that creates the silver shell around Radds body is at the same time deteriorating and killing him.

The art by Esad Ribic is beyond beautiful and matches perfectly with the majestic, and inspirational tone of the series. The Silver Surfer one last time gets to see the planet which has become a second home to him in Earth. Followed by returning to Zenn-La, where he sees his former lover Shalla-Bal for a farewell.

In an encounter with Spider-Man, the Surfer provides Earth with a small sample of what it feels like to be free. This story may be the one where we see The Silver Surfer at his noblest.

4. Silver Surfer #1-14 (1987)

The team of Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers take the Cosmic hero and bring him where he belongs among the stars. With the help of the Fantastic Four, the Surfer is able to break through Galactus’s barrier that kept him trapped on Earth for so long.

In the first fourteen issues, we finally get to see The Silver Surfer roaming the galaxy. Being a cosmic character it is exciting to see him flying through the cosmos and crossing paths with characters such as Mantis, Eternity, and Firestorm.

After being trapped on Earth for so long, the team of Englehart and Rogers were finally able to explore the cosmos. Creating exciting adventures for our cosmic hero across the galaxy.

5. Silver Surfer #3

Credit: Silver Surfer #3 (Marvel Comics)Once again Stan Lee and John Buscema team up to bring us an epic story. The Surfer goes up against the evil Mephisto who makes his first-ever appearance here. Mephisto travels to Zenn-La to capture Norrin Radds one time lover Shalla-Bal. He then uses her as bait to battle The Surfer.

Mephisto presents multiple challenges for The Silver Surfer to overcome. Despite everything Mephisto throws his way, Radd’s mental strength proves too much for Mephisto. This story shows Surfer using a great amount of perseverance to overcome the mind tricks Mephisto plays on him.

A True Hero

The Silver Surfer is such a unique character. A being with power beyond comprehension would lead you to believe they are corrupt with power. Yet, The Silver Surfer is the opposite. He is constantly used to show the readers how petty we as humans can be sometimes.

The world is filled with hate, and anger towards each other. The Silver Surfer is always there to remind us of the bigger picture. Everyone has the right to live how they choose. The Silver Surfer is a fascinating character and one that everyone should look to appreciate.

“If the holy people are to be kept harmless from war, then make all people holy.” Silver Surfer Requiem #3

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