NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine

5 Reasons You Should Be Watching NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show that everyone should be watching and falling in love with. There are so many different aspects of this show that make it worth the watch. There are also several seasons to it, so it’s a great show to add to your bingeing list. To give you a better idea of what you might love, let’s take a look at some of the best things from NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

1. Lovable Characters

There are so many different types of characters and personalities in the Nine-Nine squadron. You’re going to find someone you connect with on the show. You have Jake who is an immature genius when it comes to cases. Then there’s Amy, the very by-the-book goody two shoes who is always looking to win brownie points with her captain. You also have Boyle, the lovable pushover who is Jake’s best friend. There are a lot more different and diverse characters in this series.

2. Hilarious Ongoing Jokes

NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine | NBC Studios, 2017

Another loveable aspect of the show is the parts that you notice when you are a long-time fan. Most specifically, what you begin to take notice of with NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine are the ongoing jokes made by the characters. For example, Jake will always yell the title of your sex tape, most notably in the first few seasons. Another example is when you realize how Gina’s world revolves around her dancing. She will always talk about practicing her dance moves, talking about her dance group, or just randomly dancing altogether. Sargeant Jeffords also has his ongoing jokes throughout the series. His signature catchphrase is “Terry loves yogurt” and he is always referring to himself in third person

3. Touches on Contemporary Topics

More noticeable in the later seasons of NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the show covers topics that are being talked about in the news and are relevant to today’s issues. For example, in one episode they go over racial profiling and the consequences that it can have on people. Another topic that the show speaks upon is the difficulty of being part of an LGBTQ+ community and having trouble coming out to traditionalist parents. The show uses its platform to raise awareness and provide a narrative that many people go through. This isn’t typically seen in the mainstream media. NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine being able to do this adds to its charm for sure.

4. Halloween Episodes

NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine | NBC Studios, 2013

Every season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the team has a capture-the-flag-like game between Jake and his friends on the day of Halloween. It was a hilarious time seeing the detectives try to outdo each other. Every season they get even more filled with over-the-top schemes and more people try to jump in to win the game for themselves. They battle it out to claim the title: best detective/genius. You can never quite figure out who is going to gain the upper hand and suck you into the episode.

5. NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine — The Guest Appearances

NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Brooklyn Nine-Nine | NBC Studios, 2013

Throughout the series, you will have the occasional guest appearance coming out on the show. Sometimes this guest star will stick around for a few episodes like Eva Longoria did when she was a romantic interest of Jakes. Other times the guest star will only appear in an episode like Scott Mescudi aka Kid Cudi did when he came out as a prime suspect when a jewelry store was robbed. Other noteworthy guest stars include Marshawn Lynch, Ed Helms, and Patton Oswalt. However, that’s just a few of the many guest stars that come to show up during the show.

Watch Or Re-Watch NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine Now!

As you can see there are many different reasons to be watching this great show! NBC’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine has comedy, strong plots, interesting situations, and lovable characters. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to give this show a try. Even if you have seen it once, it is worthy of a second binge through in your spare time. Andy Samberg and the rest of the cast do a great job selling how great the show is.

So much so that when it was endangered of being canceled, everyone took to social media to get NBC to pick it up. There is a strong following for this show. Also if you finish this show we have a list of suggestions based on this show!