5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Good Place (If You Haven’t Yet!)

The Good Place

It may not be nominated for an Emmy but if there is one comedy everyone should be watching right now it’s The Good Place. Here are 5 reasons why it is an amazing show and you should be watching it if you aren’t already. Warning! There are mild spoilers ahead… But, they are worth it!

The Good Place — “Everything Is Fine” Episode 101 — Pictured: Kristen Bell as Eleanor — (Photo by: Justin Lubin/NBC)

1. It Is Really Funny… We Promise

It is the latest hit by Michael Schur, who has created and written for other great comedies like The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Starring Kristen Bell, the series follows Elenor, who was not the nicest person, as she navigates the afterlife having wrongly been allowed into “the Good Place.” As she struggles to hide the truth from those around her Elenor makes friends with Chidi, Tahani, and Jianyu, three people who belong in “the Good Place” unlike her.

Credits: No Context The Good Place; Tumblr 2018

Guys, it’s funny. The Good Place has a unique sense of humor brought together by its characters which is what makes it so great. It has running jokes throughout the series – like the fact that you can’t swear in The Good Place but also current jokes on the state of the world.

If you love Brooklyn Nine-Nine or Parks and Recreation and that sense of humor you will love The Good Place.

2. The Characters Are Lovable!

If you asked us who our favorite character was we probably wouldn’t be able to answer. Not only are all the characters funny, but they all have amazing back stories and personality galore. Elenor is your classic mess-up and slightly terrifying human being who should know better. However, as her past has shown us, she was never given a chance to be good until she died. If you asked Chidi to describe himself he would probably have a crisis which would more or less tell you all you need to know about Chidi.

Credits: No Context The Good Place; Tumblr 2018
Credits: No Context The Good Place; Tumblr 2018

Unlike Elenor (in every way), Chidi was a professor of Philosophy and an expert in Morality. He is basically a walking and talking existential crisis.  Tahani is essentially perfection. Born in England to wealthy parents, Tahani was given every opportunity and took full advantage of it to be an astounding humanitarian and person.

She’s basically a walking and talking perfect good human being. Jianyu has truly the best backstory ever. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you it because it would be a major spoiler. It’s great though. All of the characters have their own unique set of quirks that seem to supply an endless number of laughs, as well as make you fall in love with them. The contrasting personalities in this series also create fantastic comedic and romantic dynamics.

Credits: No Context The Good Place; Tumblr 2018
Credits: No Context The Good Place; Tumblr 2018

One of the reasons this show is so great, though, is that through flashbacks you can appreciate both who the characters are now, as well as who they were before, and why they are the way they are.

3. (So Many) Plot Twists Galore!

If you loved the plot twist in This Is Us’ pilot then you’ll love the first season of The Good Place (the rest as well too). One of the many things this series does so well is keeping you coming back for more.

Similarly to a lot of comedies today, The Good Place breaks the traditional sitcom mold of being episodic in nature – like Friends – and instead focuses on the storytelling in a serialized way. Because of this each week you are left on the edge of your seat waiting for more.

Credits: No Context The Good Place; Tumblr 2018
Credits: No Context The Good Place; Tumblr 2018

In general, The Good Place has one of the most creative premises on television right now. The concept alone is reason enough to be watching it, as it leaves you waiting each week to see if Elenor will get caught and sent to the Bad Place. But the series grows to be much more than that which is one of the reasons the show is good.

The Good Place has successfully done this by adding complications to its protagonist’s life, like any story. But it also has done this by building a number of relationships that you want to see together.


The Good Place has a ship for everyone. Whether it’s canon, romantic, or platonic there is a reason Tumblr is filled with tonnes of The Good Place ship specific blogs. One of the many fantastic side effects of the great characters on this show is that it has many dynamic relationships that make you root for them to both succeed or fail. 

Credits: No Context The Good Place; Tumblr 2018
Credits: No Context The Good Place; Tumblr 2018

With its group of dynamic characters, The Good Place has made sure that you are constantly thinking about who belongs with whom by adding the unique element of soul mates. Each person in The Good Place is paired with their soul mate. Except for Elenor, who does not actually belonging there and throws all the partners off. This leaves room for all the complications and also some great moments that will make you want more.

5. Lastly, The Good Place Makes You Feel Things

The Good Place does a lot of things very well. More than anything though it makes you think. About your own life, about the world, about what we as people are doing. In part, this is probably because the series is about what happens to us after we have died. It also probably has a lot to do with how great the writing and acting is on this series.

The show is also filled with great lessons. One of the biggest take away from this series is that “goodness is learned behavior.” The way The Good Place examines the idea of “good versus bad” doesn’t just leave you questioning Elenor’s place in The Good Place, but everyone’s really. It also makes sure that the characters have to question this as well, which leads to a lot of heartwarming moments.

Credits: No Context The Good Place; Tumblr 2018
Credits: No Context The Good Place; Tumblr 2018

If you are now convinced that you must watch (or rewatch) The Good Place, season one and two are now streaming on Netflix. If you’re not, then please watch this. Don’t miss season 3 premiering Thursday, September 27th at 8 pm EST/PST on NBC and Global in Canada.

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