5 Reasons You Should Watch Merlin


When watching a show, sometimes you just want to see some good ol’ comedy magic and friends bullying each other. You don’t even have to be a Merlinian to enjoy the television show, Merlin. After being terribly curious about it from my friends, I started watching it and I fell in love with the show. Here are five reasons why you should be watching Merlin because after watching it myself, I can attest these are true.

It Shows: Enemies Can Become Friends.

Right at the start of Merlin, the two main characters don’t get along. They bully and tease each other and always try to make each other miserable. With time, and seeing each other constantly by force, they become the best of friends. Although they continue to make each other’s lives miserable, there is a new-found trust and caring for each other. Personally, I think it is an excellent lesson. We need more love in this world, even if you are supposed to “hate” the other person.

It Shows: Complex Characters That Are Interesting.

All the characters in the start are given their images. In season 1, it is basically tracing them and making them real. Then, as you move forward, you see how much their character progresses and their emotions/ideas change. It’s rather fascinating to watch! How we as humans are constantly changing and seeing that onscreen.

It Shows: How Magic Can Be Both Good and Evil (Oftentimes Leaning Towards Evil).

The protagonist tries and tries to show his friends how magic can be used for good and how not every sorcerer/ess is out to destroy Camelot. The antagonist(s), however, are constantly trying to kill the king and/or prince while wreaking havoc on Camelot. Either that, or, they try to get the throne for themselves. Still, Merlin does his best to convince his master of the good that magic can do.

It Keeps You Glued To Your Seat.

Out of personal experience, I found it addicting. I was only curious, and with a few episodes (give or take), I joined the fandom for it. It is very entertaining and there were interesting twists and characters.

It Can (Potentially) Emotionally Cripple You.

Whenever there is a plot twist, a character change/development, problem, and other things, I found myself fearing for my emotional well-being. That is proof that it is an excellent television series! If something has the power to demolish your heart, as everything in any fandom does, it is worth a look.

This December will be the 5 year anniversary of the last episode (Diamond Of The Day: Part 2) in Merlin. You can join the fandom with celebrating the excellent show by watching it!

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