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5 Must-See Episodes Of The Office

The Office

Whether you’ve seen The Office ten times now or have never even watched a minute of it, there is something we can all enjoy from the show. It doesn’t matter if you’re in it for the hilarious moments or their quirky characters, anyone can find a way to connect to the show. You can relive some of the best moments or get a taste of the show by watching these five must-see episodes of The Office.

1. Season 1, Episode 5: “Basketball”

If there is anything you can hope to enjoy from this episode it is the excessive enthusiasm Michael puts into everything he does but the actual work.

There are the office employees versus the warehouse employees in this hilarious 5-on-5 basketball game where the loser has to work the weekend. Michael struggles to appear cool and loved by trying to captain his team to a win. In this hilarious game, we also witness Jim trying out to play Roy (Pam’s Fiance at the time). Things got a bit more hectic than anticipated for the group, which turned into a great spectacle for us.

2. Season 2, Episode 10: “Christmas Party”

If there is something that The Office crew does best, that would be their holiday party. The “Christmas Party” is the first episode where we see the group celebrate Christmas and it truly set the bar for their holiday episodes. We have a group participating in a game of Secret Santa, but all of that gets messy when Michael feels like he got a lame gift.

3. Season 5, Episode 14 and 15: “Stress Relief”

Oh, Dwight. He is as unconventional as people come, but he took the cake with this episode. People did not like his presentation on fire safety, so what does he do? He stages a fake fire! In the aftermath, things naturally went south.

Dwight gets in trouble and Michael doesn’t make it any better. He tries to make sure everyone can relax and learn from the disaster, but again things go south there too. Michael realizing that he is the center of many people’s stress tries to make a Comedy Roast starring himself. However, he bites off more than he can chew with this one.

4. Season 6, Episode 10: “Murder”

This episode is definitely a must-watch episode in order to get a better look at our beloved boss, Michael Scott. Michael is known to be very immature and childish. Sometimes it feels like he fails to see the big picture, but not in this case.

Michael makes the entire office staff participate in a murder mystery. However, this is to distract everyone from an ongoing investigation of the company. We fall a little more in love with our beloved boss when we sometimes realize his immaturity is just a way to help ease the concerns of his employees.

5. Season 7, Episode 19: “Garage Sale”

If there is something we love, it’s the ongoing jokes in The Office. In this episode, we get the best reoccurring jokes like Jim pranking Dwight, Kevin’s gambling problem, and Michael’s good intentions sometimes don’t always work out.

Kevin gets into a game of “Dallas” with Andy and Darryl. Jim tricks Dwight into thinking he has magical beans. And for the cherry on top, Michael tries to make a love-filled gesture for Holly. Unfortunately, he almost turns it into a disaster; but, thanks to Pam, she is able to save him. And because of this, she is able to help set up a romantic moment for Michael and Holly.

Have Fun Watching The Office!

We hope that you get a kick out of watching these five must-see episodes of The Office. Now, we can admit there is a lot to love when we watch such iconic moments from this beloved show. After watching these five episodes, the love does not have to stop here! If you want to check out some other shows you might fall in love with, check out our list of recommendations based on The Office!

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An undergraduate student that watches way too many shows at once, and gets too emotionally invested in characters.

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