Season 2 of Mr. Robot is getting closer and closer, and with a show as heavy as this one, it’s not only important to remember the mindfuck it was, but also to get in the mood. For that reason, we have done some browsing to bring you 5 awesome Mr. Robot fanvids that will definitely put you in the revolutionary-hacker mindset for Season 2!

Insane Like Me

Halsey’s Gasoline has inspired countless of fanvids, especially for shows featuring mentally unstable characters, as it’s the case for Elliot. This video features beautiful coloring and transitions that go perfectly with the beat of this shorter, low-pitched version of the song. Not for nothing it has over 100K views! Bonus: this hilarious crack video by the same vidder.

Where Is My Mind?

Mr. Robot has been compared to many other shows and movies for its obvious inspirations and blatant references, but the one that has been talked about the most is Fight Club. One of the episodes even featured Pixies’ Where Is My Mind? for its ending scene! This video uses a cover of the song by Sunday Girl. Her mellow voice along with the desaturated scenes make for quite a depressing video about Elliot’s solitude and delusions.

A Way Out of Loneliness

Elliot’s monologues are one of the highlights of the series. This video features some voice-overs from Elliot with Koda’s The Last Stand as the song choice. The material is unedited, the transitions feel natural and there’s no visual effects, resulting in a very raw and emotional experience.


This vidder plays with selective coloring, high contrast and desaturation to showcase Elliot’s fragile mental state and his feeling of not belonging. The song is a cover of Nirvana’s Smell Like Teen Spirit by Think Up Anger ft. Malia J.


This video features several coloring tricks, visual effects and text-on-screen in a way that fits the theme of the video perfectly. As you can hear by its lyrics, this video is focused on Elliot’s medication… and what happens when he doesn’t take them. The song is Meds by Placebo.

Have you made a Mr. Robot video? Do you have any other favorite Mr. Robot fanvids that you want the world to see? Share them with us!