Whether you love or hate what the DCEU has been producing, it can’t be denied that they have a vast amount of potential to expand on and improve. With their own streaming service being released it seems that DC has a million different shows and films coming out.

Ranging from Stargirl to Titans to Shazam. Needless to say, the movies that the DCEU has released thus far have had mixed reviews, though it feels that the feedback leans heavily towards the negative side. We’ve seen The Justice League, Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad, and, of course, the endless amount of Batman movies and series.

There are several stories and characters that the DC Universe can bring to the big screen. Today, we are going to take a look at five movies we would like to see added to the DCEU‘s roster.

1. Hawkman & Hawkgirl

This feels like an easy choice. There are so many possibilities when it comes to stories for Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Just the fascinating history of these characters alone is more than enough reason for them to earn the right to have a film. The idea that these two characters are reincarnated throughout time opens up a multitude of possible stories.

This could open the door to having multiple flashbacks to previous lives during the movie, which would be awesome to see the differences between each era of Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Also, the romance factor is a big reason this could be a fun movie as well. For those unaware, every time these characters are reincarnated Hawkman remembers their past relationships but Hawkgirl does not. Hawkman, therefore, has the task of convincing Hawkgirl they are meant to be together, and get her to fall back in love with him each time they are reincarnated. This is a fun and simple plot point that would definitely translate well on the big screen.

Possible Team-Ups

Another reason this could make for a great movie is it introduces new characters. Hawkman and Hawkgirl aren’t like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, they’ve never been on the big screen. It would give the audience a much-needed break from those characters and introduce them to more unusual characters that DC has.

They could even bring in The Atom for a team-up. Hawkman and The Atom have teamed-up on multiple occasions and are great friends which would be astounding to see on the movie scale of things.

With Hawkman being an archaeologist, he resembles the closest thing the comics industry has to Indiana Jones. Needless to say, the adventures of Indiana Jones are some of the most well-received films of all time. Hawkman is certainly a character with a chance to be loved by an audience. Just thinking about this movie is getting me excited. Hawkman and Hawkgirl no doubt would be an excellent addition to the DCEU.

2. Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’onzz is one of the most interesting characters in DC. He’s one character that many people may be familiar with from when he played a prominent role in the old Justice League cartoon. However, a character that not too many people know that much about. When J’onn is around the Justice League he plays the Nick Fury type role for the team.

Being arguably the most powerful telepath in DC, having the power to shape shift, the ability to turn invisible, amidst many other powers, J’onn has a ton of fascinating abilities that would be thrilling to see done in a film. That said, one problem that might be difficult to deal with is his weakness.

A Burning Origin

J’onn’s most prominent weakness is fire. Many writers over the years have changed how fire impacts J’onn. Whether it’s the fire causing J’onn to lose the ability to use his powers, or it is just a fear. The fear of fire may be the option most likely used in the film. In the New 52, J’onn’s pyrophobia is caused due to him witnessing the burning of his family and species. Though this is an interesting thought, I’m not sure how great it would be on the big screen.

The plot of the movie could be fairly straight-forward depending on what timeframe they wanted to inaugurate the characters. If they begin with his origin, they could start with a beginning similar to Superman’s in that J’onn’s species is brought to extinction. J’onn’s entire race is wiped out by the alien species known as Imperium.

This story could be constructed easily for a plot. The idea of J’onn going through the trauma of witnessing his entire race die, and then having to grow up alone dealing with the loss, makes for a compelling story.

3. Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is a character much different from your typical superhero. He doesn’t have tights or an incredible body figure like Superman or Batman. He is this huge grotesque plant monster. The character Swamp Thing really took off when Alan Moore took over the book in the mid-80s. Alan Moore took the original horror based character in Swamp Thing and gave him more of an emotional core. Not to mention the gothic romance, which gives a Beauty and The Beast type feel to the book.

Many of today’s Superhero movies share a similar tone to each other. Since Guardians of the Galaxy came out, most movies, both DC and Marvel, have aimed for a more lighthearted comedic tone, with many of the stories feeling similar to the previous movie that came out before it. Swamp Thing, however, isn’t a character that can be used in this type of story. Swamp Thing’s goal is to protect his swamp and the environment as a whole. Which, with the issues of pollution in today’s world, could make it pretty easy to come up with a modern story-line.

A Hero Or A Monster?

Though the idea of a hero being seen as a monster in the eyes of some people isn’t a new concept, it would still be exciting to see the mix between horror and heroism in a comic book film. Swamp Thing also opens up the possibility for crossovers with other characters. He has worked with the famous magician, John Constantine, many times. It would be fascinating to see a team-up with these two characters on the big screen combining the themes of magic and horror.

The DCEU has a reputation for being too “dark.” Swamp Thing’s horror aspect may lead people to believe that this movie would also be in a similar tone. This isn’t necessarily the case. Sure, Swamp Thing‘s story isn’t filled with rainbows and sunshine, but the writers and directors shouldn’t have a problem adding some lighthearted scenes. After all, Swamp Thing is a giant plant monster protecting his swamp. It is a little goofy just to think of that.

4. Hellblazer

By the time this movie will be made magic will not be a new concept in the DCEU. With Shazam coming out next year there will be a good opportunity to expand in that genre. This would also introduce many characters starting with the World’s Greatest Con Man, John Constantine. We have seen a few interpretations of Constantine and Hellblazer on film, but they fell short. John Constantine has a lot of potential and is a great character who deserves to be done right on the big screen.

This would also open the doors to introducing the character Zatanna. Zatanna and Constantine being former lovers obviously creates a chance to have some funny awkward romance scenes. That and the fact John is responsible for her father’s death makes for a compelling story.

Ghost Stories

Characters such as The Phantom Stranger and Deadman would be fun to see come alive on screen as well. Phantom Stranger rarely shows any form of passion or much emotion unless Constantine is around. John’s sarcastic personality has driven The Phantom Stranger into a burning anger before. Deadman also — while being dead and all — is a funny, all-in-all good guy. He has also been a member of Justice League: Dark with Constantine and Zatanna. With Constantine being an anti-hero and his witty sarcastic persona, it’s hard to imagine the movie wouldn’t be a success.

The closest movie the DCEU has to this, I would say, would be Suicide Squad. Though these characters aren’t villains, they aren’t all that great at being heroes. The relationships these characters share in the comics has the possibility of creating a fun, humorous action movie. Again, magic isn’t a new concept in films and even the DCEU, but the down to Earth street-level magic that would be brought to us in a Hellblazer film would be a must see.

5. New Gods

It has been announced that DC is going to be making a New Gods movie. Created by legend Jack Kirby, the New Gods is a story based on two alien races (New Genesis and Apokolips), that are stuck in a war that will last forever. With DC Comics’ latest run on Mr. Miracle focusing more on him and Big Barda, it would not be surprising if the movie followed this story also. Making Big Barda and Mr. Miracle the focal point of the film.

Introducing a load of new characters can always be a good thing as well. With the lackluster feedback from the five DCEU movies so far, the audience may need a break from those characters. With characters like Orion, Highfather, Big Barda, and Scott Free, a fun cosmic story would be a breath of fresh air for DC fans.

Darkseid War

DC should forget trying to connect every little dot between movies. If they ever plan on even smelling Marvel at this point, they really need to take a step back and focus on the success of individual movies rather than the whole universe. With that said, they can still leave doors open for characters to make appearances in other movies down the road just as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the single films.

With Darkseid being the ruler of Apokolips, this movie would be perfect for DC to officially introduce their biggest supervillain. The characters in New Gods would be fun to follow for the audience. The characters are all a bit quirky in a way. The fun relationship of Mr. Miracle and Big Barda are sure to bring out some laughs, especially by those who have kids of their own. 

The New Gods movie may be the perfect movie to get the DCEU moving in the right direction again. The story should stray away from all the other DC movies, and feel like it is happening in a whole different universe. It does not need to have a dark and dreary ending with a connection to a Justice League 2 (if that is even going to happen) or anything else. Let’s all hope DC and Warner Bros. can take their time and put this movie together correctly.

A Move Towards Hope For The DCEU

The DCEU is hanging on by its fingertips and at this point, it may even have only one finger left to hang on with. Nevertheless, there is still a chance for it to come back. With Shazam and Aquaman looking to take on a much different tone than the previous DC movies, the DCEU could start moving in the direction we all want it to be very soon. There is an endless amount of amazing characters that can be used, and thousands of stories that can be told. From themes like magic, to space and time, there isn’t a shortage of movies that can be made.

DC will most likely never catch Marvel when it comes to a shared universe. The only way they can get close is to stop trying to catch them and trying to be like them. DC and Warner Bros. need to focus on their individual movies and characters. Once they have succeeded in this, everything else should fall into form. Yes, it is almost funny now that whenever DC puts out a movie it fails to reach the hype. Whenever a movie is announced everyone says, “well this time they are going to get it right,” and then they don’t. Time may be running out for a shared DCEU to exist.

For DC to be successful, they need to slow down and take their time with these characters and stories. Let us know what you guys think of the DCEU and what you guys would like to see in future films. With so many characters to choose from, making a list of 5 is nearly impossible.