Despite always having had a loyal fanbase, Rami Malek saw a significant increase in his popularity after he was cast as Elliot Alderson on Mr. Robot. The first thing you should know is that Rami is nothing like Elliot, thankfully, but there are some traits that he does share with the TV’s most popular hacker. Here are 5 interesting facts you (probably) didn’t know about the American-Egyptian actor.

1. His success is the fruit of hard job and a lot of frustration

If you’re becoming frustrated that you’re not accomplishing your dreams as soon as you would like to, don’t stress too much. Rami had the same issues growing up. His parents didn’t want him to be an actor and, despite having studied in theatrical arts for a long time, he never got called for any job. He had to fight his way to the top, from having a small role on Gilmore Girls (2004) to starring in the popular USA Network show. In an interview for Albawaba, Rami admitted to suffering from depression and low self-esteem because of his struggling. Instead of giving up, he kept fighting for what he truly believed was his dream job. Quite an inspiration, isn’t he?

2. He doesn’t like social media

That’s one thing he has in common with Elliot. Rami doesn’t like social media because he thinks it’s impersonal. “We as a society have a hard time connecting with one another. We technically can do it, but are we really connecting? (x)”. He only has a Twitter account that he uses to connect with his fans and to follow Mr. Robot, but no personal accounts whatsoever.

3. He’s mildly allergic to some cats

Guess what? Qwerty, Elliot’s fish in Mr. Robot, was planned to be a cat at first. However, Rami is mildly allergic to some cats, so they decided to play it safe scrapped the idea. After that, they chose to go with a dog, and eventually, a fish.

4. He fights for diversity in Hollywood

Despite being born in Los Angeles, Rami is of Egyptian descent. He has often spoken about the problem Hollywood has with diversity. Even though both the audience and filmmakers are recently becoming more aware and vocal of this inequality, Rami wishes people would “act upon on it”, instead of just talk about it. In an interview with TIME, the young actor said that he hopes “it’s not this year that diversity is a touchstone”. For that, he’s also very grateful for having been granted the leading role on such a relevant TV show.

5. Mr. Robot has made him paranoid about cybersecurity

Working on Mr. Robot has certainly changed the way Rami looks at technology and cyber security in general. In an interview for Mr. Robot‘s Youtube channel he even warns the audience about the dangers of having your webcam or even microphone hacked. He advises to put a piece of tape on your laptop’s webcam when not using it. “The more I’ve worked on this show, the more I refrain from getting on the computer or on my phone, because I realize just how fragile our information [is], and how susceptible it is to being compromised”. (x)