Being in any fandom is one of the best hobbies you can have. However, our beloved fandoms can inspire us to take up other skills and hobbies. Those hobbies could possibly include knitting, singing, drawing, and so much more. With that in mind, here are five fandoms that can spark interest in some new hobbies!

1. Reading With The Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter book series inspired many to become bookworms by being readable, interesting, and presenting relatable characters. However, Hermione’s desire to learn shows readers that studying and doing well in school is an admirable trait. Hermione displays that strong characters can be smart and smart characters have to work hard to gain their knowledge.

Credit: Fox

Good grades sometimes seem like the end goal in school. Hermione proves that even the driest of textbooks have useful skills and facts buried in them. Hermione definitely “got good grades” with her knowledge. Furthermore, she used that information to save Harry and Ron, solve mysteries, and ultimately help defeat Voldemort. Reading opens the door to a myriad of other fandoms that can inspire more skills, hobbies and exciting adventures.

2. Horse Riding With The Horse and His Boy

Although The Horse and His Boy is not the only fantasy adventure where horse riding is a featured skill, this installment in the Chronicles of Narnia brings riding to the reader. Most fantasy writers pass off riding as something their characters know how to do, but The Horse and His Boy had multiple scenes where Bri actually taught Shasta how to ride.

Credit: Ragamuffingospelfan

Pouring over these scenes is probably not the best way to learn a new hobby but it does spark some interest. It also helps you notice other cool characters throughout fiction who are accomplished equestrians. Other bands of fantasy characters center around horses, including the Dothraki in Game of Thrones, The Scorpio Races in Skarmouth, and the Riders of Rohan in The Lord of the Rings. Riding is a great exercise, and if the apocalypse ever leaves us with limited transit options, you will be all set. Your dreams of competently galloping over Pellenor fields alongside Eowyn and Theoden can become a reality when you learn how to ride. There are many different types of riding from jumping to reining, so there is sure to be a discipline that suits your style. Do some research on instructors in your area and go from there.

3. Musical Hobbies With Sherlock

Sherlock’s hyper-observance intelligence encourages you to notice everything your family, friends, and strangers do. This helps you be more aware of your surroundings and the situations of others. But a trait that sets Sherlock apart from other fictional detectives is his expertise at the violin. His prowess makes you want to play well enough to use music as a channel for stressful or confusing times. In The Reichenbach Fall episode of BBC’s Sherlock, he plays the beginning of Bach’s Partita No.1, a piece that is standard repertoire for violinists.

Credit: BBC

Hearing this gave me some inspiration to play as well as Sherlock. Plus, the ability to competently play the actual Sherlock theme, John and Mary’s Waltz and Irene’s theme will impress your fellow Sherlockians. Even if you don’t have a desire to become a highly functioning sociopath that can compose meaningful wedding waltzes; learning an instrument helps brain function and gives you a cool skill to show off. 

4. Rolling for Fun & Fandom With The Adventure Zone

Listening to The Adventure Zone podcast is the perfect way to launch into the world of Dungeons and Dragons. To non-players, Dungeons and Dragons can seem like an indecipherable mind adventure based on the arbitrary roles of oddly shaped dice. But McElroy’s epic storytelling and familial banter draw you into character sheets and spell cards. The podcast gives you a running idea of how to play, and the online player’s handbook can fill in the details.

The game is a great way to bring family and friends together by going on adventures with characters you have created yourself. Even if you aren’t sold on Dungeons and Dragons, there are other role-playing and board games like Monster of the Week or even just Monopoly that you can get into. The time you spend playing not only relieves stress but also brings you closer to your friends. If you’re looking for more, there are many excellent Dungeons and Dragons and roleplaying podcasts out there like Critical Role and 20 Sided Stories. With sites like Role20 and group call apps, connecting with new and old friends to play is easier than ever.

5. Traveling With The Hobbit & The Lord of The Rings

As an introvert, it sometimes seems safer to stay home and read about adventures in books and comics. But, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy prods homebound hobbit types to travel this beautiful world we live in. Overcoming the inconvenience of travel will give you a better perspective on life. It can also open your eyes to other people’s lives. Going on adventures, even somewhere close, gives you confidence and savvy that can help you as you travel through life. 

Credit: New Line Cinema/MGM 2012

If you are struggling to find somewhere to go, use your fandom to guide you to destinations like movie shoot locations or places your favorite character has gone (though I hear it’s nearly impossible to get a reservation at the Singing Towers of Darillium). There may be danger — hopefully not bringing the world into the darkness kind — the experiences, friends, and strength you gain are worth it in the end.

Let Your Fandoms Find You New Hobbies!

These five fandoms can keep you working on new found hobbies for ages. Whichever fandom you are in, there is sure to be a character or activity that motivates you to try something new. So get out there, do some research and let your fandoms show you the way to new hobbies. What hobbies have you tried or want to try because of a fandom you are a part of?