Is there something better than getting cozy at home with a nice cuppa and a heartwarming winter-themed movie? Probably not.

We have done some research on people’s winter favourites, watched them and picked up the 5 best ones. These are all heartwarming, yet interesting movies that are ideal for watching during the winter holidays. Each of these movies are unique in its own way, some are romantic, other are quite sad, and others will just make you ponder the meaning of life. Pick your favourite or watch them all!

The Holiday

the holiday


I actually watch this movie every Christmas. Starring Jude Law, Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet and Jack Black, The Holiday is the story of two heartbroken, but yet totally opposite women with equally opposite lives. Trying to run away from their romantic failures, they meet online and decide to exchange their houses for the holidays. Even though this is a romantic movie, The Holiday is more than an anything a story about going out of your comfort zone, trying new things, meeting new people and opening yourself up to the world in new ways.

Love Actually

love actually
Yes, we know. This one is a bit of a cliché, but Love Actually is the thype of movie that you can watch several times and still not get tired of it. Incredibly british and with an amazing cast, this movie is all about… well, love. If you’re a sucker for romance, or would like to try watching one for once, let this one be it. It’s also set during Christmas, so that also helps.



Prepare your tissues, as you’re 99% likely to cry during this one. Stepmom is incredibly beautiful, but it’s also very sad and there are heavy death/cancer themes, so it’s up to you to decide to watch it. Despite its sadness, Stepmom is also a heartwarming movie about loving your family, worshipping your mother and being tolerant and understanding towards others.

Bridget Jones’ Diary


Love isn’t always ideal, if ever. This movie is about a woman in her thirties who doesn’t love herself, nor believe love is possible for her. The movie addresses topics such as weight insecurities, confidence and self esteem in a comedic, yet realistic way. Bridget Jone’s Diary has become a classic that teaches women from everywhere to value themselves. It also has a great soundtrack!

The Man from Earth

the man from earth

This one is an odd choice but, after having watched it last winter, I thought I should recommend it. This movie isn’t about love or family, but rather about history, philosophy and religion. The story is as follows: a man once reunites with his friends and decides to tell them something that he’s never told anyone: he’s an immortal caveman. The entire movie takes place in one single room and the main focus of attention is the conversation that the participants have over such a delicate matter and whether they believe it or not. The conversation gets deeper and deeper as time goes by. In some way, this movie reminds me of those Christmas family dinners where the conversation somehow switches to history, religion and very profound themes. If you’re someone who likes to think about these topics, you’ll love this one.

Do you have any other movies that you love to watch during these festivities? Share them with us in the comments below!