We have already talked about how creative, hilarious and desperate-for-Season-2 the Attack on Titan fandom is. In this post we have gathered the top 5 funniest Attack on Titan song parodies on Youtube. Here’s the challenge: try watching this without laughing or without feeling the need to download the songs!

1. Die Young

Everybody dies young on this show. Besides being a brilliant version of Ke$ha’s hit Die Young, the video also features a very funny montage with lyrics on screen to sing-along. Many different characters get to sing in this song.

2. Jaegeractive

This parody is by the same creators as Die Young. Equally hilarious, this song is sung by Eren, except for one bit by Mikasa and the last part by Armin. The song is about Eren’s rage towards the Titans. Also featuring great montage and lyrics.

3. Do You Want to Kill Some Titans

There is a Frozen parody for everything and Attack on Titan is no exception. In this adorably cute version, Eren asks Mikasa to go and do a fun activity such as killing some Titans. Just like the original version for the movie, the ending turns up to be a bit sadder than what you might have expected.

4. Oh Heichou

This one is for the Ereri shippers. In this parody of Let it go, Eren is in need for some attention from his senpai heichou and asks him to turn this anime into a hentai.

5. The Don’t Kll Us Song

This video is a bit different from the rest: this is not a parody version, but an original song. The author made a parody of the moment in which Armin tries to convince the army to not shoot them. Only in this video, Armin forgets about the speech and decides to go with a motivational song instead.