Apps are a great way to personalize your smartphone or tablet. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have fandom apps like fanfic browsers, fanvid recs or geek chat rooms? We take a look at some fandom-related apps to keep in touch with our favourite TV shows and fandoms wherever we are!

TV Show Time

This is a great app to keep up to date with your favourite TV shows. You’ll be able to know when a new episode comes out or when a show comes back from hiatus by notifications. There are more than 50,000 series available at the moment. You can also share what you just saw and connect with your friends to, for example, invite them to watch a show!

Fanfiction Reader 

At last! We finally have an app for! You just have to browse your fandom and then you can start reading! You can also download them to your phone/tablet. Other features include leaving reviews and a dark function so you don’t go blind when you’re reading fanfics at 4am in the morning (yes, we know you do that).


The best browser for DeviantArt. Finding fanart of your OTP has never been this easy. You can also share the images or download them and save them as wallpapers for your smartphone.

Hi Guess the TV Show

This one is a game. If you played “Hi Guess the Brand” or “Hi Guess the Movie”, you’ll like this one too. It’s time to test your TV knowledge by recognising show by looking at funny images, playing with puzzles… etc.

Twitter & Tumblr

Of course, you wouldn’t be able to keep up with the latest news on your fandom if it weren’t for these two social platforms. Especially the latter. On Twitter you’ll be able to visualise your feed to keep up with the latest news and talk with your followers and friends. And Tumblr will also be responsible of bringing the laughs, the cool edits, and the feels.

UPDATE: Check out Nerd Out App!

Do you know of any other apps fandom-related that you use? Let us know in the comments!