Infinity War came out this year, and as it is now on Netflix as of Christmas Day, we wanted to talk about how certain characters resembled the audience and viewers while watching Infinity War. Honestly, when we went back to watch the film there were five characters that stood out collectively as each emotion we had during the film. Some of these might not be the ones you had while watching, but we hope at least one is.

This article is meant to be a fun list of our favorite characters and how these five were every emotion we had as Thanos was waiting to do the million dollar*SNAP*.

5. Drax

Drax talking about Thor was us, in every sense. When Drax was talking about how fiiiiine Thor was, we were sitting there like, “Yeah, he’s not wrong.” Drax is a character you have to adjust to, he has a serious joke personality but he doesn’t mean much of anything as a joke. Therefore, his personality and nature aren’t for everyone. If you like Drax as much as I do for his serious personality, then he was you and he embodied all of us throughout Infinity War.