5 Hulu Originals That You Need To Watch Right Now

Hulu traditionally wasn’t the hot favorite of streamers for various reasons. But in 2017, things changed for the good and thanks to the massive success of The Handmaid’s Tale, Hulu’s original series. More original series like Harlots and The Runaways have solidified their position in the rankings of streaming services, and Hulu is now a formidable opponent of Netflix.

If you’re figuring out which are the best Hulu originals to watch right now, here are the 5 best Hulu original series you can stream right now. If you can’t access Hulu for some reason, just use this VPN to gain access to its library.

1. The Handmaid’s Tale

Best Hulu Originals
The Handmaidens — Image credit: Digital Spy

Hulu was able to stand out thanks to this Emmy winning series, The Handmaiden’s Tale. We have to thank Margaret Atwood for this great series as she is the writer of the novel the series is based on. Elisabeth Moss is both the producer and lead actress of the series, and she has played her role beautifully.

The Handmaid’s Tale takes place in a dystopian future run by a dictatorial government called Gilead. Gilead is facing environmental disasters and a plunging birth rate, which has caused the community to return to traditional values. In the show, fertile women are forced into sexual servitude as a desperate attempt to repopulate the world.

Offred (Elisabeth Moss) is one of the remaining fertile women. Therefore, she, like other women, is forced to be a concubine to the country’s fundamentalist dictators. She navigates between Commanders, their cruel wives, domestic Marthas, and her fellow Handmaids. This is her survival story and her fight to find the daughter that was forcibly taken from her.

2. Harlots

Best Hulu Originals
The Main Harlots Image Credit: The Spinoff

Harlots might be Hulu’s most alluring show based on its premise and visuals. The story is about two competing brothels owned by Lydia Quigley and Margaret Wells, When Margaret’s business comes under attack from ruthless Lydia Quigleydam, she has to fight back with all she has. She reluctantly uses out her two daughters as a means survive in the brothel business.

3. Casual

Best Hulu Originals
The Main Cast of Casual Image Credits: TV Series Finale

Michaela Watkins stars as Valerie, a forty-something mom whose husband left her for a grad student. She and her daughter move in with her layabout brother, Alex, who is a wealthy co-creator of a dating website. Alex is caddish but likable, especially once viewers realize that his womanizing ways are just a pretense.

He is merely afraid of rejection and can’t reveal his true self because of this fear. This series alternates between being funny and heartbreaking as it seeks to find humor in the devastation of loss and the awkward encounters of finding someone new.

4. Difficult People

Best Hulu Originals
Julie Kessler taking a selfie at a funeral Image Credits: TV Series Finale

Difficult People is not for everyone. Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner play best friends and aspiring comedians who are extremely unlikable, selfish, cranky, narcissistic, and cruel. The characters are full-blown monsters, but it’s self-aware enough to be one of the funniest shows out there.

5. Hulu Marvel’s The Runaways

Best Hulu Originals
The Runaways team ready to fight all evil Image Credits: Digital Spy

Everyone wants a slice of the Marvel Universe, and Hulu got theirs with a unique series called Runaways. Runaways follow six teenagers who come together to take down their parents, who are supervillains going by the name, The Pride.

The characters really pop off the screen, and the show is a perfect addition to the teen show catalog, thanks to showrunners Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who understand the characters well. Overall, Runaways is a lot of fun, and dare I say better than most of Netflix’s Marvel shows!

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