ASMR or also known as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is up and coming to YouTube. The tingles, the tapping, and the mouth sounds are essentially what ASMR is. ASMR is when you hear an old song that brings back nostalgia, and it gives you a tingling sensation.

It can be described as: “an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins on the scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.” 

Now, it does not always have to be with music — some people love the sound of a mouth smacking, the checkout sound when you go to the grocery store, the sound of someone eating a certain food, even role play Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. You can have alien roleplay ASMRStar Wars roleplay ASMR, trust me — the possibilities are endless.

To get a good sleep tonight, here are a few recommendations of YouTube ASMRtists that will put you straight to bed. Trust me, you will not be disappointed 💤


WhispersUnicorn sends me to sleep without a doubt almost every night. Her roleplays are some of the best ones I have watched. Her soft-spoken voice is incredibly lovely to listen to as you are falling asleep. Which is why this is one of the YouTube’s that I recommend you watch as you are going into slumber.


WhispersUnicorn has a great roleplay on a styrofoam doll head that is incredibly satisfying, it sounds weird, but it is soothing as all get out. Another one of my favorites is the “Dermatologist Skin Care” roleplay that she has. I bet you did not know dermatology could be so soothing? Neither did I.

Those are the top two that I watch all the time. However, WhispersUnicorn has so many great videos up for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response that you are bound to find your perfect one. It takes some time to find your tingles, but after you watch so many — trust me, the tingles will come. They do not always happen, but when they do you will know.

WhispersRed ASMR

WhispersRed ASMR is fantastic for hair sounds: brushing hair, combing hair, and all sorts of hair content. WhispersRed also does massages role plays, zen, up close and personal attention, and so much more for your ASMR tingles. Her massage ASMR videos are great to watch — especially if that is your tingle; WhispersRed has so many great ones up.


Some of my favorites from WhispersRed are her hair videos that involve brushing, combing, and putting oil into the hairWhispersRed also has an incredible haircut role play on her channel that I watch on repeat sometimes because it is so soothing. I would say that is one of the best Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response videos that she has. WhispersRed’s voice is the most soothing voice ever; I also think she has an accent (UK?)

If you want zen vibes, and good hair play, WhispersRed is the one for you. There is more content for your ASMR needs, but those are the ones I often watch even despite having watched half of her YouTube collection.

ASMR Darling

ASMRDaaaaaarling has four-hour videos on just triggers; it is quite marvelous. Actually, ASMR Darling is one of the first ASMRtists I came in contact with when I was first starting to learn about ASMR. I found one of her hour trigger videos, and that is where I found out what I liked.


It was a great way to get into ASMR before I knew what the triggers were. This is even before I knew how they were supposed to work. ASMR Darling has a bunch of those, plus she does role plays and a great hair brushing video with her sister that I watch as I go to sleep often.

She is quirky and fun to watch; a little less serious as opposed to the others — she laughs and has a great time which I enjoy. It brings me to a safe, fun environment and I appreciate that from her videos. ASMR Darling also games, so if you like that — check her gaming channel out too! ASMR Darling has also done an ASMR gaming video!


Mouth sounds are a huge trigger in the ASMR community, especially certain foods. ASMRTheChew got popular on social media for being a meme sort of which is where I first saw the videos.


ASMRTheChew does exactly what her name entails — she chews a lot of food. If you like mouth sounds with any kind of food, she has your back without a doubt. I watch a few on occasion. I used to watch them often — but, you can only take so many mouth sounds.

(Plus, it is not my immediate trigger so I cannot watch them as often.) However, if this is your tingle, I would check it out. They are quality, and the mic picks up all the mouth sounds you could ever want!

ASMRTheChew has a ton of pickle videos (which are the most popular), but she eats seafood, celery, chips, anything imaginable. On the side, ASMRTheChew also does typing videos, vlogs, and a bunch of other cool Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response content.

ASMR Blossom

ASMR Blossom is the cutest human being ever; Blossom has a perfect brushing microphone video that will make you tingle all over, even if it is not your trigger.


She ever so gracefully touches the mic with different brushes, and it is perfect. I have fallen asleep with it many times because it is binauralASMR Blossom has a great haircut role play with shampooing and washing that is fantastic to watch if you like haircut role plays.

Alongside that, Blossom has a ton of other great videos: tapping, scratching mics, mouth sounds, makeup role plays, and a bunch more. I love this channel because her voice is so soft and sweet. I love hushed whispering because when I use it to fall asleep, it helps.

ASMR Blossom also has a ton of videos without any talking and just tapping/brushing sounds. I love those because sometimes you just want to hear sounds and no talking.

You might have accidentally read this as you were at work and you might be asleep by now. However, we hope the nap you are taking is good and let those tingles take you into a deep sleep.

These YouTube ASMRtists are not the only ones out there. We have some other recommendations as well that you can see below. If you want to get into Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, there is no wrong time. Join the community of lovely, positive people who just want to send themselves into a great slumber.

Extra Tingly Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response YouTube Recommendations:

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