4 Cosplay Blogs Every Cosplayer Should Follow


In need of some cosplay inspiration? Looking for a tutorial on dishevelling a wig? Or are just curious about seeing other people’s cosplays? Whatever it might be, here’s four awesome cosplay blogs you should totally follow to satisfy all your needs! Either if you’re a beginner or a pro, these blogs offer everything from photos to tutorials and advice on everything cosplay-related.

Cosplay Tutorial

CosplayTutorial is the ultimate place to go for all your cosplay needs. The blog features a super complete list of tutorials for anything spanning from sewing tutorials to how to do make up, props or wigs. It also has a very useful and detailed convention packing checklist, a cool posing template and it even has a shop! Basically, you can spend a whole afternoon browsing this blog!

You Can Cosplay

This Tumblr blog aims to inspire fans to cosplay and celebrate the cosplay culture in general. It doesn’t only help cosplayers by offering tutorials, but it also features all types of tips, advice, and even videos. You can also ask any questions you might have regarding your cosplay, or even submit your cosplay photos and/or stories. You can also find them on Facebook.

Cosplay Classroom

As the title suggests, this blog posts and reblogs easy-to-understand photo-tutorials, guides and all sort of resources for cosplayers, from beginners to professionals. You can also found the owner on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Cosplay in America

Cosplay in America belongs to photographer Ejen Chuang, who pays homage to the cosplay culture in America by travelling to different conventions and taking photos of cosplayers. He released a photobook under the same name. You can purchase the book here (trailer).

Fun fact: CosplayTutorial actually made a Tumblr post asking other cosplay blogs to reblog it as a way to gather all cosplay-related blogs on Tumblr. You can find it here.

Do you know any other blogs for cosplayers? Make sure to share them with us!

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Delineate Cosplay

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James Bear

I am a newb to cosplay and I need tips on the best grade of foam to use for sci-fi armor. If anyone has any tips and suggestions, please let me know!!!


xcoos is also a very good cosplay blog for new cosplayers. They have a lot of creative ideas for various cosplay,and you can find the cosplay tutorial of your cosplay character there to make your own fantastic costumes.


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