2 Things That Jennifer Niven’s All The Bright Places About Teaches Us

All The Bright Places, Netflix, 2020

All The Bright Places is by author Jennifer Niven and was published on January 06, 2015. This book is not your average high school love story, it’s about finding someone who understands you. And luckily for us, it’s coming to Netflix! But before the Netflix release, let’s talk about the book that came before it. What is Jennifer Niven’s All The Bright Places about?

All The Bright Places Plot

Theodore Finch and Violet Markey both struggle with their will to continue living in their small town. Both characters feel the need to escape their lives, but their definition of escape isn’t so traditional. All The Bright Places is about two teenagers who struggle with their own form of mental health. While Violet is dealing with grief, it literally puts her on the ledge of their school tower. On the other hand, Finch’s mental illness is dealing with his intense constant thoughts of death. And the lack of understanding from his family pushes him to feel more alone.

Moreover, wanting to understand and help Violet, Finch practically begs to be her partner in their school project, which is to explore their town and find wonders in Indiana. As they wander, Finch begins to help Violet through her healing process, allowing her to see what else the world around them has to offer. But, as Violet finds herself again, Finch’s depression isn’t easy for him to move past. All The Bright Places is about two teenagers who helped each other in difficult times.

1. Mental Health Awareness

In addition, writing books about mental health allows society to be more aware of how hard it can be for someone who finds similarities to Theodore Finch. For example, the feeling of not being enough or understood. By writing this book, Niven herself has helped spread awareness of mental illness. Most importantly, she has saved the lives of her readers who have seen a bit of Finch and Violet in themselves. That is to say, by continuing to spread awareness, we are allowing those who are in pain a chance to speak out about their own struggles and mental battles.

2. Be Kind To Those Around You

In the past, mental illnesses were such a taboo topic to discuss; however, throughout the last year, self-care has been a pushing topic in society. Being able to express one’s mental health has become a more open platform. As a result, our society has grown and turned towards the path of openness and acceptance. Above all, it’s really showing how much our society has changed over time.

How willing we are to embrace those who need a little more help in this world and allow them to know that they are not alone. Meanwhile, continuing to speak out about mental illness will help those we love to continue to fight this battle.

All The Bright Places‘ Upcoming News: Netflix’s Book To Movie

All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven is now going to be a Netflix Original! The film will be out and ready to watch by February 28th, 2020.

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