12 Beers: Modern Romance At Its Funniest (Review)

Modern romance is a token that has become depicted in media throughout all forms. When Mike Camerlengo contacted us about his web series titled, 12 Beers we were all for it. This web series features a couple named Danny and Sarah. Each year they drink 12 beers and decide if they are going to re-up their lease and their relationship.

Or, simply just break up and go their separate ways. This is a short, incredibly well-written and directed six-part series that you do not want to miss. We would say rated teen and above for the use of swear words, but regardless, this show is a win.

The episodes are about three to four minutes long, and only six episodes, which adds up to just less than a half hour worth of watching. Now, that is a win, too!

Who Is Mike Camerlengo?

Mike was recently a series regular on MTV’s Joking Off (seasons 1-4), he wrote headlines for The Onion Sports, and even appeared on camera for ESPNU’s first late night comedic entertainment show, Unite.

But, wait, there’s more! Mike co-created a TV pilot, Bucksport for Life and it was selected in the 2016 NYTV Festival. His work was featured on Comedy Central, CollegeHumor, truTV, and more including The Daily Fandom.

I Love Living With You But…

…12 Beers is pure hilariousness. Throughout this web series, you will find yourself smiling, laughing, and being on a journey with these two characters. This web series is all about romance and cuteness. By episode six, you will remain surprised by how quick this web series is. How swift it is and how you wish it were longer.

These two characters play off each other so well, and the dynamic between the two is something outstanding. I was surprised to see these characters play off one another in a believable way. In web series sometimes you see characters that don’t come off as believable in relationships, so it’s nice to see that dynamic between these two, Danny and Sarah.

Six Episodes of 12 Beers = Want More!

Despite this web series being easy to watch and quick to watch at that. You find yourself wanting more from these characters. I would watch a season two without a doubt with the dynamic of these characters.

12 Beers is something that I would recommend you to watch (if you are above the age of at least 16). I would also advise you to watch it with your significant other; you will see what I mean after you watch the series. It’s inspiring and an interesting take on modern romance.

While the web series is excellent, I would love to see more backstory in the series and the relationship between the characters. We got significant parts of it and significant areas of their relationship. But, since it is mentioned they have “been together for so long” in a potential season two I would love to see more about their parents.

The first time they ever met the others parents. Those sort of awkward situations. Even the meetings of each other’s friends, a lot happens in a year, and six episodes I felt was unquestionably short for this series. Regardless of my want for more, these six are definitely worth the watch.

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