Jim Halpert and Pam Beesley are the main love story of NBC’s The Office. Here are ten reasons why Jim and Pam are the best love story of all time.

1. They have an incredibly pure love.

In many ways, they grew up together. Through their twenties, they watched one another learn about life and grow through their experiences. They waited for one another.

When Pam was with Roy, Jim built a friendship with her. Later, when Jim was with Karen, Pam made sure to nurture that friendship, until they had another chance to be together.
Jim and Pam

2. They have fun together.

Mainly by pranking Dwight, but it’s something that started when they were just friends, and continues throughout their entire relationship.
Jim and Pam

3. They support each other’s goals.

When Pam went to art school, and Jim went to Philly, they each supported the other even though it was incredibly hard for them. And even when it does get too hard, they face that fight head on instead of hiding from it. Jim and Pam

4. They trust each other.

When Nellie suggests that Jim is having an affair, Pam says there’s no way he could be because “he just loves me too much.” Jim and Pam

5. They love working together.

And it shows.

Jim and Pam

6. Jim and Pam react to an unplanned pregnancy with complete excitement.

They don’t even question for a second whether they want the baby. They are both so thrilled to have a baby together.

Jim and Pam

7. They really know each other.

When Jim gets Pam for secret Santa, not only does he get her a teapot she really wanted, but he also filled with fun inside jokes. Things that he knew Pam would love, and when she finally received it, we can see that he hit it out of the park.

Jim and Pam

Later, as a special Christmas gift for Jim, Pam sets up an entire pranked based on making Dwight believe the CIA has scouted him. And Jim absolutely eats it up.

8. Their house.

When Jim buys their first home, he does it without consulting Pam at all so that he can surprise her. The catch? It’s his parents’ house. There is a creepy clown painting that they cannot take off the wall, and when they pass by the master bedroom, Jim closes the door and says “I’m actually not allowed in there.”

Jim and Pam

Awkward, much? However, when their finished touring, and Jim shows Pam that he has converted the garage into a studio for her, she is speechless for a while, finally saying simply “you bought me a house.” Pam is happy to have the house at all, and she is happy to have it with Jim. All the odd issues with the house are irrelevant to her.

9. They even have fun when they disagree.

The office’s new chairs vs. new copier debate are especially fun to watch because Jim and Pam are on opposite sides of the argument, but they never take it personally. They just enjoy the group debate and have fun with it.

Jim and Pam

10. They conquer every obstacle.

Starting with Pam’s ex, Roy, and ending with their prospective career goals, they always manage to come back to one another, even when that means sacrificing major desires. When Jim started a company based out of Philadelphia, it took a huge toll on their relationship.

Jim and Pam

Jim fought hard to keep what he had worked for, but the moment he realized it might cost him, Pam, he stopped everything and moved home to her.

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