Pokémon is a popular card game, manga, anime, and video game series. All of these things have one thing in common: monsters with incredible, and sometimes frightening, powers. In the Detective Pikachu movie, we got to see what Pokémon could look like in real life. Before then, they have always been animated or drawn on cards and manga pages.

While many Pokémon fans may have wished for a cute Pokémon friend, not many have stopped to think how scary they actually are. Some are cute and cuddly, while others are far more monstrous and terrifying. Much of the Pokémon have human-looking teeth, hair, eyes, and facial expressions that would make anybody run the other way in fear. While these traits may look fitting, or even normal, in a drawing, they likely wouldn’t translate into the real world very well.

Not all Pokémon are lucky enough to be as cute and adorable as a Lillipup or Eevee. When it comes to imagining Pokemon in real life, one should look at the real-world animal kingdom, where there is a balance of cute and scary. We have cute and fluffy penguins, but we also have piranhas. The Daily Fandom presents a list of Pokémon we think would make great horror film monsters. From Pokémon that looks way too human-like to Pokémon that looks like actual monsters and one that could actually be your dad, all these creatures look like they could star in their own horror flick.

10. Necrozma

The first Pokémon on this list is, of course, Necrozma. They are a mythic/psychic type with the power to fuse with the other legendary Pokémon called Solgaleo and Lunala, which can give them very powerful armor. Necrozma can turn into three different forces whenever it chooses. It is like a scary Steven Universe transformation. Its main form is the picture above where its body looks like it is made out of black crystal type material.

Pokémon Necrozma.
© Pokémon

That being said, I would not want it anywhere near me. Necrozma seems like it would be lurking in the shadows, just waiting to strike. With it being able to turn into different versions of itself, who knows what it will do to a mere human? Necrozma could be in a movie where it stalks you through the woods. This movie would not end well though, as there is no obvious way anything can get through the crystal type material of its armor. The only way you can get out alive is if Necrozma decides to spare you, but the odds of that are highly unlikely.

9. Machamp

Machamp is a master fighter with an extremely strong fighting-type. They would easily be able to take on multiple people at once, so there is no point in teaming up. They don’t look menacing, but if Machamp was pushed too hard or had an evil trainer, it would be terrifying to go against. Machamp also has a humanoid body, so they could easily sneak up on someone.

© Pokémon

Imagine stopping to ask for directions in a mountainous area only to notice one of the rocks moving… growling… getting closer. Without a doubt, it’s like being stalked by a wrestler with four arms. You know it’s coming for you, but you can’t do much as its fists beat you to a pulp. While Machamp is the least scary looking on this list, it should not be overlooked for a great horror movie monster.

8. Mimikyu

Mimikyu first showed up in the series Pokémon Sun and Moon. It’s known to be able to disguise as whatever Pokémon it wants. Mimikyu chooses to disguise itself as a rag doll looking Pikachu. it is a ghost/fairy-type Pokémon who has a sad backstory.

© Pokémon

The reason Mimikyu makes itself look like Pikachu is to make friends, which is really cute and sad. Nevertheless, this Pokémon can change into whatever it wants and looks like a nightmare version of Pikachu. Mimikyu is the same as Machamp or any other Pokémon for that matter — it is not inherently evil unless it has a reason to be or has an evil trainer. With Mimikyu’s power to transform into anything it wants, it could do some real damage from inside a team of people.

7. Muk

Muk is a generation one Pokémon and a poison/dark type. They are a living pile of purple sludge. There is a reason it was not animated to look real in the Detective Pikachu movie. It has a giant mouth, small eyes, and giant sludge arms — gross. Besides, I bet Muk does not smell good either. Imagine being stuck in a place with a Muk. Everywhere it moves it kills in its path because of what it is made of. If this Pokémon gets a hold of you, you are a goner.

© Pokémon

Muk definitely reminds me of the iconic horror movie monster the Blob with the way it looks and moves around. They could star in their own Blob remake, but it’s a little scarier as this Pokémon has a face and arms to touch you with. Like in the Blob movies from 1958 and 1988, the victims of Muk would not be able to run from this purple sludge monster.

Its color would make it be able to easily hide in dark places and not be noticed. If you’ve ever played “Dungeons & Dragons” then they may remind you of black pudding, but this is so much worse. Muk wouldn’t stop at destroying your weapons. As the lights fade out in this horror movie, so does your life.

6. Relicanth

Relicanth is a rock/water-type Pokémon. Their bodies can withstand the bottom depths of the ocean and have the hard, craggily texture of a rock. They can easily disguise themselves as a rock or the bottom of the ocean floor.

© Pokémon

Many people in the world are scared of the ocean and what lurks beneath its cold and dark waters. That is why Relicanth is truly scary. We do not know what types of animals are in the ocean. Relicanth absolutely looks like it would star in a movie where you are stranded in the middle of the ocean and a pack of them try and eat you and your companions. It could be a movie with underwater divers looking for treasure or new species of fish and they find a pack of ancient but evil fish ready to eat their flesh. When you hear a snap of its jaws, swimming is your only hope.

5. Haunter

Haunter is a ghost/poison-type Pokémon. In the anime and the manga, people are usually at least a little scared of Haunter. In the episode “The Tower of Terror,” Ash is first scared of the Pokémon, as it was trying to scare him on purpose. Even though Haunter the gang comes across in that episode is mischievous and playful, it could easily take a dark turn and become their worst nightmare.

© Pokémon

The movie would be like Crimson Peak where you would go into a very old house to live and it turns out to be a total nightmare. It is a purple ghost who can show up wherever or whenever to mess with you. Haunter might even scare you when you’re sleeping. You feel like something is watching you, but you cannot see anything or anyone. It would be your classic ghost haunting story but with a ghost/poison Pokémon.

4. Darkrai

Darkrai is a mythical dark-type Pokémon. They first showed up in Generation IV. Darkrai is a shadow-like creature with giant claws and, in some cases, very long legs. Darkrai can enter a person or creature’s dreams and give them never-ending nightmares. Clearly this would be a movie where the victim never wakes up from a nightmare. This is obviously from the Nightmare on Elm Street‘s, Pokémon. Imagine Freddy capturing a Darkrai in Sinnoh and then terrorizing Ash and his gang.

© Pokémon

It would be the weirdest, but scariest, crossover episode of Pokémon that would ever grace this earth. All jokes or great ideas aside, Darkrai would be an unstoppable monster in a horror movie. From its powers to its terrifying looks, you would want to wake from its nightmare right away.

3. Cofagrigus

Cofagrigus is literally a sarcophagus with a brain, a moving body, and four arms. It has appeared in the anime, manga, and video games. This is not even what the Pokémon really looks like, as Cofagrigus is hiding its actual figure. It’s a walking and “talking” animated object. The description on the card is even scary to read: “Grave robbers who mistaken them for real coffins and get too close end up trapped inside their bodies.”

Pokémon card for Cofarigus.
© Pokémon

Cofagrigus would definitely be a part of a movie like The Mummy or Indiana Jones. A handsome rugged archeologist thinks he found the score of a lifetime: a sarcophagus of a pharaoh that has been dead for thousands of years. What the main character and his team find though is a living coffin ready to kill them. Of course, a Cofagrigus knows where they are buried like the back of its creaky hand, so there is nowhere for the archaeologist to hide. A living sarcophagus stalking you through the halls of a dark tomb will not be fun unless you’re playing “Dungeons & Dragons.”

2. Gothitelle

Gothitelle is another humanoid Pokémon. She has an upside-down teardrop head with eight pegs coming out of it. Nevertheless, she is not completely terrifying looking, but her power is. Gothitelle reminds me of Lydia from Beetlejuice with the way she looks. Something you have to remember about Pokémon is that they are not wearing clothes. The hats they wear, the bows on their dresses, and even their sleeve cuffs are all skin.

Pokémon Gothitelle.
© Pokémon

Gothitelle is also a psychic-type who can show past events in the space around it. Imagine a movie where the main character has to get out of this space that keeps repeating past events all around them. Seeing all of these events that make you cringe at night could lead to your own death from embarrassment. Or, more believably, it showing you these terrifying nightmares will scar you forever. Gothitelle would definitely be a witch character that follows you around and literally makes your life a living hell.

1. Mr. Mime

No matter what anyone wants to think, Mr. Mime is scary. They are psychic/fairy-type Pokémon. Mr. Mime kind of resembles a humanoid figure but has long disfigured hands and two horns that you would think are hair but are blue growths coming out of its head. It is a mime and clown mixed together. Mr. Mime is not pleasant to look at at all and is not wearing funny clown shoes either. The funny-looking, blue, curled-tip looking shoes are not shoes at all but are technically their feet.

Pokémon Mr. Mime.
© Pokémon

Again, when you stop to realize Pokémon don’t wear clothes, you realize how weird they all really are. To top it all off, of course, there is that fan theory that Mr. Mime is Ash’s actual dad. Ash’s mom has Mr. Mime to help her around the house and they seem to have a very strong bond. This theory is thanks to Reddit user u/justaddrance. If you want to read more about the convincing argument here is the link, but if the rest of them are as weird and as messed up as that one, you may want to stay away.

These Pokémon Should Give You Nightmares

With all these things considered, do you understand why they would make excellent horror movie monsters? With the way Pokémon look, act, and use their powers, they would not look out of place in any horror scenario. The new Pokémon Sword and Sheild is coming out on November 15, 2019, maybe we will get a few new good horror movies Pokémon to add to this list?