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10 Must-See Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episodes from Seasons 1-5

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the biggest ongoing shows right now. They have a huge following and rightfully so. The show is unique and hilarious, but still down-to-earth, especially when it touches on deeper storylines. It can be a very dynamic show which just makes it all the better to watch episode after episode.

However, which Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode is a must-see? Here are 10 episodes that are absolutely amazing and never fail to entertain.

1. Season 1 Episode 7: “48 Hours”

This Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode is one of the first where we get a perfect example of Jake’s tendency to jump to conclusions. In the past, his hunches have led him to quickly solving cases. Cases that could only be solved so quickly because he followed his gut. But does jumping to conclusions get the best out of him in this episode?

2. Season 1 Episode 13: “The Bet”

Jake and Amy finally go on the date that Jake won when they bet on who could get the most arrests. Jake being Jake, he goes above and beyond to make it a hilarious spectacle of a date. He even claims to have spent $1,400 on it! Unfortunately, the date gets cut a little short because Captain Holt sends them on a stakeout. But while there, they share a sweet moment and we see their feelings for each other begin to faintly rise up.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode
“The Bet” | Fox, 2014

3. Season 2 Episode 12: “Beach House”

After hearing that Holt was excluded from work excursions when he was a member of the force, Jake included him on vacation with the gang. They have a tough time feeling comfortable while the gang is there. However, this awkward vacation makes for some hilarious moments in this Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode.

4. Season 2 Episode 15: “Windbreaker City”

Jake has a tendency of marching to the beat of his own drum while avoiding some of his own personal issues. When the 99 precinct is the only non-federal agency invited to an anti-terrorism drill, he uses this opportunity to clear his head. However, when Homeland Security agents decide to make the 99 detectives “hostages,” Jake takes matter into his own hands.

“Windbreaker City” | Fox, 2015

5. Season 2 Episode 23: “Johnny and Dora”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show about a police precinct and sometimes the cases the detectives work have an effect on them. This Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode is a great example of that. When Jake and Amy go undercover, a lot happens between them. Also in this episode, a terrible, heart-wrenching twist arises for our Captain Holt. However, we can see the love he has for his detectives in the way he handles everything.

6. Season 3 Episode 1: “The New Captain”

Bill Hader guest stars in this episode, hilariously playing the role of Bill Dozerman, the new, micro-managing captain. We see Jake and Amy’s relationship progressing as they try to make sense of their feelings for one another. Also, in this episode, we see Terry trying to help everyone handle the new captain, something that is not necessarily working out.

7. Season 3 Episode 7: “The Mattress”

Now that Jake and Amy are a couple, they share a few firsts in this episode. They have their first case together, which sounds like it could be a completely awesome experience for the two! However, they also happen to have their first fight as a couple. Thankfully, by the end of the episode they are closer than ever and seem to be growing as a couple.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode
“The Mattress” | Fox, 2015

8. Season 4, Episode 16: “Moo Moo”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is more than just a show. Everyone who works on it also uses this platform to communicate things happening in our lives that we may not necessarily want to talk about. One night, Terry gets stopped in his own neighborhood by another policeman due to racial profiling. As a father, he wants the best for his children’s future. However, he struggles with trying to figure out what to do as he is also trying to get promoted in the NYPD.

9. Season 5, Episode 9: “99”

If there’s anything we’ve learned about the 99th precinct, it’s that they’re a family. While trying to race back home in order to make it in time for Holt’s job interview, the gang had to collectively handle numerous hurdles and obstacles. We also learned more about the very secretive Rosa. Something that really helps people appreciate and connect with her character.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Episode
“99” | Fox, 2017

10. Season 5, Episode 22: “Jake & Amy”

The day has finally come for our favorite couple to get married in this Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode. However, just like with anything else on this show, everything goes wrong. A bomb threat ruins their plans. Thankfully, the gang scrambled to figure it all out in a last-minute effort to salvage the day.

Bonus: All The Halloween Episodes & Doug Judy Episodes In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

It wouldn’t be Brooklyn Nine-Nine without their annual Halloween episodes or the hilarious episodes when Craig Robinson appears as Doug Judy. The Halloween episodes make for a hilarious and wild ride. These episodes, if you want to binge-watch them, would be Season 1, Episode 6: “Halloween;” Season 2, Episode 4: “Halloween II;” Season 3, Episode 5: “Halloween III;” Season 4, Episode 5: “Halloween IV;” and Season 5, Episode 5:”HalloVeen.”

“Pontiac Bandit” | Fox, 2014

If you want to see the great bromance, watch for Doug Judy and Jake’s relationship whenever Doug Judy pops up. To binge the Doug Judy episodes, you would watch Season 1, Episode 12: “Pontiac Bandit;” Season 2, Episode 10: “The Pontiac Bandit Returns;” Season 3, Episode 13: “The Cruise;” Season 4, Episode 11 and 12: “The Fugitive;” and Season 5, Episode 13: “The Negotiation.”

Get to Binge-in’ Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

These Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes never fail to entertain. This is a show that gets more and more likable the more you watch. The characters are special. The storylines are special. It all feels so personal that it feels like you really get to know them! They are complete baes. We have even written some articles telling you why they are such baes. Check out our Rosa and Terry Bae-Watch articles so you can understand why we love them so much.