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10 Manga Scenes Fans Want Adapted In Fruits Basket (2019)

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In 2019, Fruits Basket will be receiving an anime reboot. Back in 2001, Fruits Basket had its first anime adaptation by Studio Deen. However, this first series did not completely adapt the manga. (The first series is adapted until volume 6 and parts of volume 8.) Fruits Basket (2019) plans to adapt the entire source material. Fans have wanted this reboot done for years now, for it to be finally happening is exciting news. So, in celebration of this announcement, here are the top 10 manga scenes fans want adapted in Fruits Basket (2019).

WARNING! The following list contains spoilers from the Fruits Basket manga. Therefore, if you have not read the manga, a SPOILER WARNING is in effect.

10. How Tohru, Uotani, And Hanajima Become Friends In Fruits Basket

Now, I am cheating on #10 a little since I am combining two separate scenes from the manga. But the overall message is the same: these three best friends have a beautiful history and a strong bond. In Fruits Basket (2001), Uo-chan goes into little detail about how she met Tohru. However, volume seven of the manga gives more information.

Uo-chan was a fan of Tohru’s mom, Kyoko, who used to be a gang member. When she first meets Tohru, she surprises Uo-chan by revealing that Kyoko is actually her mother. After finding out that Kyoko is no longer the rebellious gangster she once was, Uotani feels disappointed. However, after Kyoko helps her get out of gang life, she becomes close friends with Tohru.

Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket, Yen Press 2018

In volume 9 of Fruits Basket, Hanajima meets Tohru and Uotani. She has been a subject of bullying all her life since she has psychic powers and wears only black. At first, Hanajima does not want to be friends out of fear she may hurt them with her powers. (She could not control them at this point.) However, after feeling their kindness, she overcomes her fear and becomes their friend.

Fruits Basket (2001) provided viewers with a good representation of their friendship. Hopefully, Fruits Basket (2019) will showcase why their bond is so strong.

9. The Improvement Of Yuki And Ayame’s Relationship

Some of the most comedic portions of Fruits Basket (2001) were the interactions between Yuki and his brother, Ayame. Yuki’s brother is overbearing and flamboyant; his obsession with Yuki annoys his younger brother to no end. However, the manga portrays an improvement in their relationship.

Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket, Yen Press 2018

The manga shows how much Ayame genuinely cares for Yuki. An example of this would be in volume 8 where he has a heart-to-heart with Yuki about his future. Another example is in volume 13 where Ayame attends Yuki’s parent-teacher conference to support his brother. We also get a deep analysis of how badly Ayame feels for mistreating his brother in the past. Fruits Basket (2019) will continue the maturation of the Sohma brothers’ relationship. It will be both hilarious and heartwarming.

8. Yuki And Kyo’s “First Meeting” With Tohru

This is the last cheat on this list; I promise. Number 8 is also a combination of two separate scenes in the manga. The manga reveals that both Yuki and Kyo met Tohru before high school but in different scenarios. Volume 15 of Fruits Basket reveals that Yuki once assisted Tohru when they were children. After she gets lost, he helps her find her way back home to her mother. Yuki never reveals to her who he was and leaves her a red hat as a memento. (Tohru still has it to this day.) This scene is beautifully sad as Yuki has lived his whole life feeling like a pawn. He never felt genuinely needed before; however, after helping Tohru, he developed a sense of purpose.

Fruits Basket, Yen Press 2018

In volume 16 and 20 of the manga, readers discover that Kyo met Tohru’s mother when he was a child. She told him about her past and about Tohru, meaning he knew who Tohru was before meeting in high school. This revelation is shocking since it shows not only did Kyo know Kyoko, but he was also present at her death. He witnessed the car accident and felt he could have prevented her death if he had pulled her back. However, he did not out of fear that he would transform in public. These two meetings will add more depth to the relationships between Yuki, Kyo, and Tohru. The ship wars will only get heavier in Fruits Basket (2019).

7. The School Play

Fruits Basket Volume 15 follows the gang participating in a school play called, “Sorta Cinderella.” These chapters are hilarious because the characters portray parts in the play you wouldn’t expect. Hanajima plays Cinderella; Kyo is Prince Charming; Tohru is the wicked stepsister; Yuki plays the Fairy Godmother.

Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket, Yen Press 2018

These roles create an awkward and hysterical scenario in which the Fruits Basket (2019) cannot pass up. Viewers will feel their sides split when this episode airs.  

6. Meeting The Rest Of The Zodiac Members

One of the main issues with Fruits Basket (2001) is that viewers do not meet all the Zodiac members. The last two animals the anime failed to introduce were the horse and rooster. Well, the manga introduced both characters, and they are Rin Sohma (Horse) and Kureno Sohma (Rooster).

Fruits Basket, Yen Press 2018

These two characters play key roles in the story’s development and in certain character’s lives. For example: Rin searches for a way to break the zodiac curse. Her search opens up questions as to whether the possibility exists. She also happens to be Hatsuharu’s girlfriend, and their romance is one of the best in the series. Then there is Kureno; he is essentially Akito’s right-hand man. He is never too far from himself, and his existence serves as a revelation in the series for multiple reasons. By introducing these two characters officially, Fruits Basket (2019) will finally provide viewers with a completed set of the Zodiac.

5. Tohru And Akito’s Final Confrontation

While Tohru and Akito have butt heads throughout the series, Volume 21 puts an end to their feud. After feeling that everyone is leaving him behind, Akito goes out to get rid of Tohru. He sees her as the main threat to maintaining the Zodiac members with him.

Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket, Yen Press 2018

However, after a heart-to-heart conversation, the two realize they have more in common than they think. Readers get a different perspective of both Akito and Tohru. They see that Akito has reasons for his faults and that Tohru is not sinless either. The two are able to bond over their humanity and form a legitimate friendship. Fruits Basket (2001) does not show any real (or canon) development between Tohru and Akito. Therefore, Fruits Basket (2019) will finally put their feud to rest and show real development in the two.

4. Kyoko And Katsuya’s Love Story

Volume 16 of Fruits Basket features the most tragically beautiful romance of the series. Shared through Kyo’s perspective, readers learn about the love story between Tohru’s parents, Katsuya and Kyoko. This is the first introduction of her father, who remains nameless throughout the series up until this point. Readers learned that Kyoko had a rough childhood with parents who cared more about each other than her. She joined a gang and caused trouble, caring about nothing and no one. However, she eventually met Katsuya, who at the time was her teacher.

Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket, Yen Press 2018

He sees through her tough-gangster act and sees she was actually just a lonely girl full of pain. Through his guidance, she begins focusing more on school and leaves her gang. She is eventually disowned by her parents, and Katsuya takes this opportunity to marry her. Later on, they have Tohru and are happy together. But tragedy strikes and Katsuya passes away from pneumonia while on a business trip. This leaves Kyoko to raise Tohru all by herself until she passes away years later in a car accident. Viewers will look forward to a heart-wrenching romance in Fruits Basket (2019). They will see a different side to Kyoko and realize how much Katsuya influenced her.

3. Akito’s Gender Reveal

One of the most shocking revelations throughout the Fruits Basket manga, Volume 17 reveals the Sohma family’s darkest secret. This secret is not the Zodiac Curse but one unknown to even most Sohmas. The secret is that Akito is actually a woman.

Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket, Yen Press 2018

Throughout the series, readers, and a majority of the characters, believed Akito was a man. However, Tohru finds out through a conversation with Kureno that “he” is actually a “she.” Kureno reveals that Akito was forcefully raised as a boy by her mother, Ren. They both have a complicated relationship which helped twist Akito into the cruel figure she is in the series. Along with other topics discussed in this conversation, fans have this shocking revelation to look forward to in Fruits Basket (2019).

2. The Breaking Of The Sohma Curse

When the Sohma family curse is finally broken in volume 22, it is a heart-moving and tear-wrenching scene. During Kureno and Tohru’s conversation, he reveals that he no longer turns into a rooster when hugged by the opposite sex. This means that his curse and bond to Akito are broken.

Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket, Yen Press 2018

Towards the series’ end, the zodiac curse breaks for certain people. But this scene shows everyone else still suffering from the curse finally freed. All the members of the Zodiac cry along with Akito. Despite them all being in different parts of the city, their pain resonates with one another. The sight of relief, confusion, and sadness on their faces is overwhelming. Fruits Basket (2001) did not show any signs of the curse weakening or that it was breakable. But Fruits Basket (2019) has the opportunity to finally bring closure to this emotional tale.  

1. The Happy Ending

Finally, number 1 on this list is the happy ending revealed in volume 23. (A bit obvious, I know, but after all these characters went through, they deserve a happy ending!)

Fruits Basket (2019)
Fruits Basket, Yen Press 2018

The final chapter of the series shows everyone finally living independently. None of the Zodiac members are bound for each other or Akito. After a long road of suffering, they can live as normal people and start forming relationships and families outside the Sohma clan. Fruits Basket (2019) has the opportunity to let readers see their ships sail and officially end the story they have waited so long to be completed in anime format.

What manga scenes are you looking forward to seeing adapted in Fruits Basket (2019)? For more Animanga reviews, please click here.

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