Due to the new upcoming release of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, we thought we’d give you a little backstory on some crazy spiders. Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, and Peter Parker aren’t the only unique spider totems in their respective realities. After looking through hundreds of spiders, here are our 10 crazy spiders from the Spider-Verse!

10. “Golden Sponge Cakes” Spider-Man

First on our list is a Spider-Man you might not have heard of: “Golden Sponge Cake” Spider-Man made his first debut in the Giant-Size Fantastic Four #5 published in 1975. Originally named Hostess Spider-Man, he was created mostly to advertise Hostess-brand snack cakes in Earth-51914.

Credit: Giant-Size Fantastic Four #5; Marvel, 1975.

He rid the world of evil like any other superhero in his universe, with delicious, sugary cakes; while being exclusive to Hostess Cake ads back in the day, he made a reappearance in Spider-Verse #1 under a new name to avoid trademark issues. Twinkies are no match for the villains in this reality!

9. Prince of Arachne

Once upon a time, in a reality called Earth-71004, there lived a man with great skill in a fight. The lad was so bravely named Peter Parker and his goal? To win the hand of Princess Gwendolyn in marriage!

Credit: Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #4; Marvel, 2007.

Like many other Cinderella stories before, Spider-Man is just another fairy tale to add to the list. The story of the great Spider-Knight was told first in Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #4 published in 2007. When not allowed to go to the ball, he decided he would go disguised in a suit of armor. He fashioned the suit to be that of a spider, drawing inspiration from the spider he found in his uncle and father’s tomb when visiting.

When midnight strikes, who will have the hand of Princess Gwendolyn?

8. The Amazing Spider / Ghost Spider

In another timeline, Earth-11638 was the perfect universe with the perfect Spider-Man. Appearing in Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38 published in 2011, Uncle Ben never died. As a result, Peter became a famous superhero, became rich, and turned out to be a brilliant scientist.

Credit: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38; Marvel, 2011.

Even if you are perfect, there’s still room for improvement, right? That’s certainly what Peter from this reality settled on. He invented the machine to transport all the spider totems from different realities to his lab to absorb their power and become stronger. Peter Parker from Earth-616 had no plans of dying today. After fighting for his life, it was Amazing Spider who got his powers absorbed, causing him to fall into a coma. While his body was comatose, his spirit went to Hell. At #8 on our top 10 crazy spiders from the Spider-Verse, who knew all spiders go to Hell?

7. Web Slinger

Even a spider can be a cowboy in the Wild West! Earth-31913 is host to our Peter “Ponderosa” Parker, who fights crime as Web Slinger with his trusty steed, Spider-Horse. Like many other spider totems, he was bit by a spider, granting him spider-like powers, but the big difference here is his weapons.

Credit: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #9; Marvel, 2015.

Instead of shooting web fluid from his wrist and swinging across New York City, he shoots web fluid from his revolver, capturing the bad guys where they stand. His first appearance was in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #9 published in 2015 and he’s not going to stop there. Look out, Spider-Verse! There’s a new sheriff in town.

6. Spider-Ham

Look in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a pig? Swinging in at #6 on our top 10 crazy spiders from the Spider-Verse, we have Spider-Ham! First appearing in Marvel Tails Starring Peter Poker the Spectacular Spider-Ham #1 published in 1983, Peter started as a spider. In Mary Porker’s lab, Mary wanted to change the hair care industry with her newest invention, an atomic-powered hairdryer.

Credit: Marvel Tails Starring Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham #1; Marvel, 1983.

After testing this experiment, she started to experience delusions from the radioactivity before biting Peter. Consequently, this bite turned our spider into an anthropomorphic swine just like Mary! Now that he had both the abilities of a pig and spider combined, he used these powers to save the day from villains such as Duckter Doom, Hog-zilla, and Kingpig.

Who knew a pig could save the world?

5. Spider Ma’am

Marvel’s greatest webslinger is here with…home-baked cookies? Yum! In Earth-3123, our brave Peter Parker is not the one who’s bit by the radioactive spider this time around. Instead, that Spider-Man is none other than May Reilly-Parker! In What If? #23 published in 1980, Peter Parker forgot his lunch before going to the science demonstration so, being an amazing aunt, May hurries to give it to him.

Credit: What If? #23; Marvel, 1980.

While there, she was bit by the radioactive spider and donned the name Spider-Ma’am as she saves her neighborhood from evildoers. Everything was just fine in this universe until Karn showed up, threatening to kill her in order to destroy all spider totems in every universe. Aunt May willingly gave herself up if Karn would not do any harm to her husband or nephew. Luckily, the Spider-Army did not let this happen, letting her live another day to defend New York City.

4. Spider-Wolf

In the darkest of nights, deep in a castle in Earth-13989 lives a wolf… No, wait, a man… Spider? A werewolf Spider-Man! First appearing in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #11 published in 2015, Spider-Wolf is an unknown spider totem with no established name or backstory. Furthermore, this iteration of Spider-Man was infected with a lycanthropy virus under unknown and unestablished circumstances.

Credit: Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #11; Marvel, 2015.

His role in this universe is unknown, only that he has earned the nickname “Great Spider-Wolf of the Lycansphere.” His powers are also a slight mystery. While he still retains the same powers as Spider-Man from Earth-616, he also retains werewolf powers. It’s unknown whether Spider-Wolf has control over his werewolf transformation.

3. Savage Spider-Man

The Savage Lands are dangerous in the Marvel universe. Full of prehistoric dinosaurs and giant bugs, we find Savage Spider-Man at #3 on our top 10 crazy spiders from the Spider-Verse. First appearing in Vault of Spiders #1 published in 2018, Peter was only a baby when the plane he and his parents were on ignited in flames. Using the only parachute left on the plane, Peter’s parents decided to give it to their son before crashing.

Credit: Vault of Spiders #1; Marvel, 2018.

Landing in the Savage Lands, Peter was taken in by a tribe of spiders who, as a result, raised him. During his childhood, he underwent what he called the “Trail of 1,000 Venoms” where the spiders injected him with various poisons to see if he would live. After having survived all of them, he gained powers from the venom and fought to protect the Savage Lands from hunters and poachers.

2. Six-Armed Spider-Man

Not every spider totem in the Spider-Verse enjoys being Spider-Man. In Marvel’s What If? #42 published in 1992, Peter Parker is not all that satisfied being a spider hero anymore. Taking place in Earth-92100, Peter creates a potion to eliminate his powers only to subsequently grow four extra arms! As a result, the only cure for his new appendages lied in the blood of Michael Morbius, who was, sadly, eaten by sharks not too long ago.

Credit: What If? #42; Marvel, 1992.

Even the best experts in the world couldn’t cure him now, but in a fight against Doctor Octopus, he learned that his new arms might not be so bad after all. Now, with the extra limbs of a spider as well, our six-armed Spider-Man is a force to be reckoned with!

1. Spiders-Man

We saved our craziest spider totem for last! Our #1 in our top 10 crazy spiders from the Spider-Verse, we have Spiders-Man. In Earth-11580, we meet Peter Parker, who was touring Horizon Labs when he became Spiders-Man. In the labs, Peter observed a massive spider colony with numerous radioactive particles emitting from it.

Credit: Spider-Geddon #3; Marvel, 2018.

Meanwhile, during the visit, he accidentally fell in! From the outside, it looked like he was devoured completely by the millions of spiders. Inside the colony, the spiders absorb Peter’s consciousness and soon become a singular hive mind who starts to act as the man, Peter Parker. This iteration of Spider-Man first appeared in Spider-Geddon #3 published in 2018. If you met a man made of spiders, would you still work with him?

The Spiders ‘Spider-Verse’ Of New York

All in all, Spider-Man lives on in multiple different universes as several different people. There are many more out there but these are our top 10 crazy spiders from the Spider-Verse. Marvel’s newest animated movie, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, will explore even more of these spider totems but maybe not quite as strange. Who’s your favorite Spider-Man?

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