10 Cosplayers That You Should Follow on Twitter!


Cosplay is solely one of the best things to come out of fandom-try. You have OTPs, end-games, shipping, pairing, fan fiction, and above all cosplay(ers). We have written countless articles about cosplay(ers) in media and more. So, what better way to support even more cosplay then to shout out some great cosplayer on Twitter?

A lot of great cosplayers use social media as their form of getting themselves known in the cosplay world. And, we understand how hard that can be. However, as we were on Twitter, we noticed a lot of great cosplayers just under the #cosplay tag and all of them were exceptional.

While we are only going to shout out ten, please take a look at the tag and see the dedication and just pure amazingness that these cosplayers do.

Let’s Talk Cosplayers!

1. @Ridd1e

2. @PrincessMorganB and Patreon.

3. @HendoArt

4. @RianSynnth

5. @elizabeth_rage

6. @EmmyFPQ

7. @cosplayncoffee and @tdanielwriter

8. @LilyBatCosplay

9. @megturney

10. @EnjiNight

Cosplay Rules!

Cosplaying is a phenomenal talent. We love all of the cosplay we see on social media – this is just the few we have found in the past few days on Twitter. But, we assure you there will be a part 2 soon because there’s too much talent for just one post.

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