One Piece to Air ‘Episode of Sabo’ In August [UPDATED]


As it has become usual in the latest years, One Piece will air a special episode this summer. This year’s episode is going to be called ‘Episode of Sabo: The Bonds of Three Brothers. The Miracle Reunion and the Inherited Will‘ and, as the title suggests, will be focused on Luffy’s newfound brother.

The episode will air on August 22nd and will be 1 hour and a half long. Apparently, the episode will tell the story of how Sabo arrived at Dressrosa and his meeting with Luffy from his point of view. It’ll also include some scenes of ASL when they were kids. There is still very little information on this special, neither do we know if it’s going to be canon or if Eiichiro Oda will participate in any way.

You can see a couple of leaked images down below:

episode of sabo - one piece - the daily fandomepisode of sabo - one piece - the daily fandom
episode of sabo - one piece - the daily fandom
A new promotional poster has also been released:



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