The Tomorrow People “Brother’s Keeper” Review

The Tomorrow People is back from its break with another exciting episode full of mind-blowing plot twists. Brother’s Keeper, written by Roger Damon Price and directed by Guy Norman Bee, is all about the relationships between brothers, the need to protect your family and the differences between humans and those with powers. WARNING: This review contains SPOILERS.

Brother's Keeper

While fans keep working for their project to get The Tomorrow People to be renewed (you can vote here), last night’s episode kept the level of intensity of the previous episodes. Brother’s Keeper showed us the most personal and familiar sides of our characters. As the title suggests, this episode is very heavy on the relationships between siblings particularly and family members generally. The title could also be a reference to the 1992 documentary film of the same name. In this case, the movie follows the story of two brothers and the contrasts of two different groups of society. Sounds familiar?

The most obvious brother relationship that comes to mind when thinking about this episodes is the twins. One human, one paranormal. The human one was using the paranormal one to do evil. And at the end he was willing to sacrifice his twin just to get his powers (something that Ultra calls “transition”). At the end, the human one ended up dying. This was a huge parallel to Jedikiah and Roger. Roger was a good tomorrow person, Jedikiah is an evil human being. Jedikiah tried to convince Stephen that he had tried to look after his little brother but that Roger was just too stubborn. However, at the end, we saw that Jedikiah had had Roger’s body (presumably frozen to preserve it) at Ultra all this time. And his reaction to the human twin dying was very telling.

Brother's Keeper
Jedikiah showed Stephen how much he cared about Roger.

He told Stephen that, as any scientist, he was excited to study their case to see what is that makes a tomorrow person different from a human in its DNA. However, we could also think that he was indeed planning to transfer Roger’s powers to him. Now Jedikiah’s intention is to neutralize the tomorrow people to keep humanity safe. So why would he want to become a tomorrow person himself? Was he lying? Or did he want to use those powers to protect humanity anyway? Another minor parallel of this brother theme is Stephen and Luca. This was also addressed when John said “imagine if that was you and Luca”. Stephen is paranormal and Luca, as far as we know, is human. The last family wink we got was John and Cara. Sure, they’re not blood related, but Cara said she considered John his family. But John’s not ready to forgive her (yet).

Now that Stephen knows about Marla’s powers, everything is different in their relationship. Jedikiah doesn’t know about Marla. But she knows about Ultra, although up until John told her, she thought Ultras was “just investigating” the tomorrow people. Stephen has a right to be mad at his mom: he felt alone, he was drugged for a year thinking he had some kind of mental health issue… But Stephen also has to try and understand Marla’s situation and they are both gonna have to work this out for their family’s sake. Now Luca is the only one who doesn’t know about this. I wonder how long it’ll last.

Strangely enough, neither Astrid nor her father have appeared in this episode. Since they were attacked in the last scene of the last episode, you’d expect them to be worried about it and wondering wether they were safe. Astrid knows about the tomorrow people but her father doesn’t. Isn’t he worried about his daughter? Are we supposed to think that Stephen talked to her off-screen? I guess it’s due to too much going on in the episode already. And we’re probably gonna see more about this next episode.

The other day I talked about Jedikiah being an interesting character. Hell if I’m in love with him now. During most of Brother’s Keeper we saw a much more human, emotional and well-intentioned Jedikiah. However, the final minutes threw all of that away and showed us a very cruel, mischievous Jedikiah in the last scene. So Jedikiah is back in the game as our main villain and Stephen’s ultimate enemy.

This episode was very enjoyful in general. Brother’s Keeper was able to mantain the tension during its 40min, never falling short. We had some awesome fight scenes (like Russell fighting in the club) and some very intriguing scenes (like the scenes involving the twins). The CW has released a few season finale dates. The Tomorrow People‘s season finale will be airing on May 5th. Seems like the perfect time to keep supporting this show to have it renewed!


Check out the promo and extended promo for next week’s episode, Enemy of my Enemy, airing March 5th:

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