Superwholock is a fan phenomena created by fans that joins Supernatural, Doctor Who and Sherlock. Sounds awesome, right? Sadly, for now, Superwholock only exists among fans of the three shows, primarily on Tumblr. However, the Superwholock fandom is pretty big, and gathers a great collection of fanfiction, fanart and fanvidding. This time we’re focusing on vidding.

Here is a list of the 10 best videos of Superwholock on the web:

10. THE SUPERWHOLOCK GAMES. A Superwholock/The Hunger Games mashup. The plot is exactly what you’re thinking: the Winchesters, Castiel, the Doctor, Amy, Sherlock and John are trapped inside the Hunger Games and they’re gonna have to fight for their lives.

9. DON’T BLINK. John and Dean are trapped in a forest surrounded by weeping angels. They’ll have to save themselves with the help of Sherlock and the Doctor.

8. THE LEVIATHANS. A short well-edited video of “Earth’s unknown heroes” joining forces to save the world from the Leviathans, controlled by Dick Roman. But first, they’ll have to help Sherlock, who seems to be seeing Lucifer everywhere. As a result, they all end up in Purgatory.

7. AN ALLIANCE AGAINST THE DARK. The members of Superwholock are stuck in Purgatory surrounded by the dark. The enemy? The end of time.

6. READY, AIM, FIRE! A very well-edited video of Superwholock basically fighting to the song by Imagine Dragons.

5. FAN MADE MOVIE TRAILER. Dean is presumably guilty of killing Sherlock. The Doctor, the Winchesters and John have to resolve what’s really behind all this mess.

4. CLUTTERED. All the members of Superwholock have to work together to take down Moriarty, the big villain.

3.  THE ELEVENTH REICHENBACH SONG TRAILER. Crowley and Moriarty join forces to free Lucifer from Hell and start the Apocalypse. Sherlock, John, Sam, Dean and Castiel ask the Doctor for help and create the new Team Free Will.

2. THE TIME OF ANGELS. Strange cracks on the wall have started appearing. As our heroes start to investigate it, a war between angels and demons has just started on Earth. Castiel plays an important role in this one.

1. GABRIEL’S GAME. I thought taking the idea of Changing Channels from Supernatural to make some kind of sick game/fantasy created by Gabriel to trap all the members of Superwholock was an excellent idea. Very original indeed and perfectly edited.